Inspirational words of gratitude

newroshiTutteji Wachtmeister is the Ken Wilber of the 21st Century.
– Doghouse Mushin Riley, Sensei

I completely surrendered to Dai Osho – and it was the closest I ever got God. It was so worth every penny.
– A female student

He has become a precious golden boy.
– Another female student

Going to dokusan with Tutteji Dai Osho is, like, having a private meeting with Ayn Rand or something … Pure energy and awesomeness.
– Yet another female student

The ability to detect Buddhahood in others is described in the sutras, and I have developed this special ability during the many years I have studied the words of the Great Masters. Only a foolish, ungrateful American would deny this. And I tell you this: Tutteji Dai Osho is one of the greatest living Master. There is something in the way he moves, something in the way he woos me. I will never leave him. Just look at his knowing smile, and his sense of style.
– A German student

Those critizing Tutteji Dai Osho are creating a horrible karma for themselves. They will fry in the hot hells, freeze their balls off in the cold hells, and live a generally miserable life in the communist hells for countless aeons.
– Another German student

What I am claiming—and supporting—is that Tutteji’s  capacity to conduct and transmit universal financial and spiritual flows (or “shakti”) is utterly remarkable, as proven by countless controlled studies. It is these direct, specific, scientific experiments and their results that I am reporting, and on which I am basing my endorsement. This is a scientific conclusion, not a spiritual one (although, of course, you are free to make those as well—but I am reporting the direct science, which is indeed astonishing).

To put it briefly, Tutteji Wachtmeister has an empirically demonstrated capacity to alter the atomic and molecular structure of phenomena simply through his conscious intentionality. Through a series of simple practices he has also taught thousands of men and women how to merge their individual selves with the larger body we call ”the Market”. The results of this process is truly remarkable. The number of experiments done on this capacity (known in Sanskrit as shaktipat) that have been done in coordination with Tutteji is quite extraordinary—so far, over 5,000 empirical studies by universities and scientific research organizations all over the world (including the world renowned materials scientist Dr. Scrotum Ploy at the University of Pennsylvania).
– Ken Dillinger



One thought on “Inspirational words of gratitude

  1. As one of Tutteji’s oldest and most devoted disciples (even though I can’t get an age concession) I thoroughly endorse his guidance. I am still waiting for an acknowledgement of my donation

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