Welcome to the Final Turning: A new revolution in Buddhism

monjututteTutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho has just created an extraordinary new teaching on Transintegral Buddhism™, what many consider to be the most comprehensive approach to Buddhist thought and practice the world has ever seen. This teaching will be the subject of Dai Osho’s newest book, The Final Turning: Imagining the Evolution of Profitable Buddhism. The book will be published by Transintegral Publishing, and is due to be released at the end of this year, or possibly in early 2015.

But you don’t need to wait an entire year to experience this groundbreaking new teaching for yourself!

In just a few weeks, Transintegral Institute will be launching The Final Turning: Exploring the Marketing  of Buddhism, where together we will explore Tutteji’s new teachings in astonishing depth and detail.

The project includes an extraordinary media collection that features an exclusive video teaching by Tutteji. We are also joined by three of our most honored Transintegral Buddhist teachers, Dai Cho San Fugh Roshi, Jum Bo Dick Dabone Roshi , and Hillary Hilton Roshi. We will take you inside their respective sanghas as they unpack Tutteji’s groundbreaking, visionary teachings from the frothy edge of Kosmic evolution and render them into fully realized practices, available from our Transintegral app store.

We will be releasing more clips in coming weeks, so be sure to sign up to our mailing list if you haven’t already!

We will also be gathering the Transintegral community together for a three-day practice event in April, where we will explore the rich territory of Transintegral Buddhism™. The event will be led by Tutteji Dai Osho and Hilary Roshi, and will feature a host of other authors and teachers, including Ronin Tyrant Roshi. This will be your chance to connect, mingle and networkwith the global transintegral community, to interact in real time with some of the most exceptional Masters on this side of the galactic center, and to deepen and intensify your own spiritual practice, regardless of your particular religious background or beliefs.

We will be telling you much more about the Final Turning project over the next few weeks, and will be releasing megatons of free audio, video, and articles over the span of 2014. We are very excited to embark upon this adventure together, and sincerely hope that you will join us as we explore the innermost frontiers and the end of history in the 21st century.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Final Turning: A new revolution in Buddhism

  1. Glad to have this out – finally. 2014 will be a year of great significance. I have been working with Tutte Dai Osho for years now and watch him every day. It is a blessing beyond comparison to watch this teaching unfold from the depths of his truly supranatural realization. Thank you so much Master.

    • Count me in too. Its very strange but I’ve often noticed a sort of echoing quality to everything the master says. Its as if I have read all of this before, perhaps in a past life (or maybe even in a future one. Everything is, after all, possible for the market since, as master often says, market and mind are non-duel and nothing, in principle, is ruled out. There is only unending innovation, market development, and blissful profitability), Still its strange this echoing thing. A more profound explanation might be that the master, as a manifestation of non-duel reality itself, is the very echo of the universe. This idea came to me this morning as I reviewed my latest stock acquisitions. I wonder, could it be a sort of satori. I did feel a funny sort of feeling somewhere below my whats it called —eh…you know…that place below the navel with the funny name…tong…tang… as Hilary Hilton says ‘that’s where all the action is boys! Gosh, what a life !

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