Mindfulness for Minorities™

What might the Final Turning be? Tutteji’s suggestion: you might as well call it Transintegral. Transintegral Buddhism preserves the great contemplative heritage of Buddhism, but reinterprets it in the light of the very best of modern, postmodern, and Transintegral thought. Its injunction: follow the venerable instructions, pointing out Oneness of Mind and Market. But navigate in the world of form as skillfully as you possibly can. As Tutteji points out, on the relative side, the Buddhist precept of Right View is fundamental, and the Transintegral map is the very best map we’ve come up with yet. Transintegral Institute will soon launch its groundbreaking program Mindfuness for Minorities, bringing the fruits of Transintegral Spirituality to new audiences.

tutteteishoIf a group of people is ”oppressed”, it’s because its members are either dumber, weaker, or uglier than their so-called oppressors. In other words: they suffer from shitty karma brought on by their previous actions. And, of course, there are no “groups”, only individuals manifesting their karma

Realize this truth, and all “social problems” will be seen through. No society, no social problems!

Now, spiritual practice will not necessarily make someone smarter, stronger, or more beautiful (although such transformations will happen if you practice diligently). But if you bring an amount of mindfulness to your experience, you will be able to accept your circumstances with equanimity and even gratitude.

Even if you can’t afford a cappuccino, you can appreciate the taste of your tea. And if you can’t afford a cup of tea, with mindfulness practice you will be able to appreciate the beautiful sunrise as you leave for work. As you make the brahmavihara of symphatetic joy your home, all your envy will melt away, and you will be able to work wholeheartedly for the benefit of this Market that is your own, innermost Self.

But among unenlightened people this myth of ”oppression” lives on, and some of them even try to go against the law of karma. That’s why we have things like socialism and feminism and other ideologies that leads to real oppression.

Beware! Such deluded ideologies can be very seductive. If you want to make progress on the spiritual path, you need to make a firm decision to turn your back on feminism and socialism and other oppressive, divisive ideologies.


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