The Parinirvana of Margaret Thatcher

thatcherThe apperance of Margaret Thatcher LG OM PC FRS is an extremely important event in the evolution of Transintegral spirituality. The day of her departure, April 8,  is known as Parinirvana Day, and will be celebrated by Transintegralists all over the world. Parinirvana celebrates the release of the soul from the body so that it can experience the full and complete unity of Market and Mind. These celebrations are also a powerful manifestation of the devotional aspects of Transintegralism.

Followers of the Transintegral movement will visit virtual monasteries and temples, websites and other sacred places on Parinirvana Day. Everyone will bring gifts of money to distribute.

On Parinirvana day, temple lights will be lowered and people turn on their meditation apps in the dim light. When the chanting and meditation is finished, the lights will be brightened again. The dimming and brightening of light is an important symbol in Transintegralism. It is meant to show that the light of Margaret Thatcher’s and Ayn Rand’s teachings will continue to shine all over the world thanks to the great efforts of Tutteji Dai Osho.

Parinirvana day provides Transintegralists with the opportunity to reflect on the fact that one day in the future, everyone will experience Oneness with the Market. It is also a day on which people are urged to think about the recent deaths of friends or relatives, and what to do with inherited assets.  Many people will find this is a particularly auspicious day to make substantial donations to their spiritual Teachers.


3 thoughts on “The Parinirvana of Margaret Thatcher

  1. Mucho props to Tutteji! Practitioners need to wake the f**k up and THINK about the zen structure and context within which they are practicing. Instead of this ethos of surrender and “not knowing”(anti-intellectualism), that tends to turn people into nonthinking flacid donkey d**ks, I say question everything about it! To all of you right speech dingleberries: have you ever thought to question right speech? Have you ever thought about how, just maybe, possibly, it might foster good little catholic/zen boys and girls that don’t ?You fill in the blank. Maybe, for some of you, that will get a few frontal lobe neurons firing again. Probably not though, because the truth is that most practitioners I know have been turned into sheeple. Nothing but zombie clones shepherded and molded by some stinkwad double-speaking zen serf turned “master”. Some tool who compensates for all the years of “training”, when they were sheepled, by neurotically, often passive-aggressively, subjugating others. If all you Boomers don’t get real, Zen will end up as just some frivolous game old people play. Another nursing home favorite, alongside bingo. Because here’s the thing: most young people, like myself, ain’t fallin’ for this traditional bag of stinking poo you call the Buddhadharma. It’s a shame really because zazen and the zen practice of one’s daily life(genjokoan) has some great stuff to offer. But it ain’t worth me giving away my individual power. And that’s pretty much what I’ve found when entering zen practice formally. So, until you zen “masters” can clean yourselves of this cult-like stench, I give you my middle finger way and say: sayonara bitches!

  2. James, I can somewhat relate. It seems x-buddhism has strayed from it’s original intention. Here in the States, I can’t help but feel it runs counter to our individualistic culture. I have experimented with a few Tibetan, Zen, and Insight Meditation styles and centers. While finding some beauty with certain aspects, I mostly find it difficult to connect with.

    Most of the ritual and garb seem a little ‘creepy’, even a bit silly(note: this site does a good job at bringing these aspects into focus). Furthermore, as a full-time college student, I simply don’t have the cash or time required to practice at these centers.

    IMHO, ‘flying solo’ has it’s advantages. There is a local non-affiliated meditation group I sometimes attend, but have recently shifted more to my own yoga practice. I do meditate and attempt to practice intimacy with my life and relationships. I don’t really feel the need for anything more. May everyone find their own light.

    “”Therefore, Ananda, be a lamp unto yourself, be a refuge to yourself. Take yourself to no external refuge”- the Buddha

  3. James and Stacey, that’s the spirit, yo. Maybe you’ll considering not abandoning the warm embrace of the thaumaturgical sangha just yet. Speak from within for a while, maybe, if that’s not too painful. X-buddhism does have some really good shit going on. It’s just that it turns into tripe, shite, and hype in the hands of its lameiass ministers and middle managers. Anyway, things change. The question is: in what direction?

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