Andy Holodeck: A Profitable Death.

DEATHA Profitable Death. Heart Advice From an Authority on Death and Dying by Andy Holodeck
298 pages

Andy Holodeck is an author of several best-selling books, a transintegrally informed spiritual teacher and contempative coach, and an award-winning authority on death. As a long-time student of several top-ranking Buddhist teachers, Andy frequently muses on spiritual matters – blending the ancient wisdom of the Orient with the modern and post-modern knowledge of the West, weawing an inspirational and truly global tapestry of practical wisdom teachings. He is also the creator of the highly successful Middle Management Mindfulness™ program. Andy has completed several rigorous meditation retreats, and offers seminars on meditation, the Asian arts of living, and death.

From the Preface:
Death is one of the most auspicious and exciting opportunities in life. Yet it remains a dreaded event. We dread it because we don’t know how to implement it properly. We don’t look forward to death because we don’t realize what a great opportunity it is. I wrote this book to help you prepare and to make the most of Death – in this very life. Based on timeless wisdom teachings, the latest neuroscientific findings and my own experiences as a contemplative coach,  this book will show you how to mesh and recontextualise the five skandhas at the time of death in order to maximise your karmic potential, thus overcoming the greatest obstacles in life and transforming it into the greatest opportunity imaginable.


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