The Zen Dudes Institute

The Zen Dudes Institute (ZDI) is a strong team of cutting-edge Zen teachers,  transintegral visionaries and celebrities dedicated to getting smart about delivering a profitable spiritual message to the American culture. Making profits from the Zen and/or general spirituality market is quite risky and for this task skilled professionals have to deal with the marketing and implementation of spiritual principles. Our main aim is to provide up-and-coming spiritual teachers with the necessary tools for creating investment opportunities as safe and profitable as possible.


Herbie Trashman Roshi (l.) and his Dharma successor Rama Lenz Osho, a dynamic couple of leading transintegrally informed Zen Masters, recently joined the ZDI Mentoring Team.

With funding from the Zen Master Rama Foundation, the ZDI team is interested in creating a smart, sexy, and successful spiritual leadership for our post-modern times. As the challenge of making spirituality profitable  is the same across traditions, lessons learned at ZDI will be valuable not only to aspiring Buddhist teachers, but for coaches, therapists, councellors, MBSR instructors, priests, minsters, rabbis, mullahs, and so on.
The Transintegral framework developed by Tutteji Dai Osho and Ken Dillinger is used to contextualize the boddhisattvic activity of ZDI and orient it toward the background context of an increasingly globalized market for spiritual goods and services, an understanding of which is essential for establishing a competitive spiritual message in today’s world.


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