Herbie Trashman Roshi

herbienoseThe Transintegral Institute welcomes Zen Master Herbie Trashman Roshi into the heart of its ever expanding, always evolving mandala, where Herbie will serve as head of the ZDI mentoring team. Herbie Roshi is a world-renowned pioneer in the American Zen movement. He is a charismatic spiritual leader, a fearless entrepreneur, an accomplished academic, a successful businessman, and a jolly good fellow, always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to relieve the dukkha of sentient beings.

Never predictable nor conventional, Herbie’s dynamic and visionary leadership has inspired many to experiment with new forms of practice and service over the years. Now in his 60s, Herbie is focusing his energies on the following areas:

HERBIE1The Order of Zen Do-Gooders
The Order of Zen Do-Gooders means many things to many people. It is a virtual network organized around Herbie Roshi for supporting his vision and inspiration throughout the world; more a nexus of creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit than a simply defined non-profit religious organization.

Herbie has been the center of gravity for thousands of do-gooders and their projects, providing all necessary conditions for all of us to empower ourselves and realize our innermost Selves

Dharma Soup Kitchens
The chain of famous *Dharma Soup Kitchens in impoverished areas is perhaps Herbie Roshi’s most well-known accomplishment. This highly successful program was designed to alleviate the anxieties and traumas of middle-class Zen practitioners. Thousands of men and women have found a new sense of meaning after volonteering a few hours in one of Bernie’s soup kitchens.

Chills and Thrills Retreats
The Chills & Thrills Retreats is a unique amalgamation of disaster tourism and spiritual retreat. Every year, an international crew of practitioners come together for unique and life-changing retreats in the most chilling and thrilling environments possible. 

While it might not be everyone’s idea of spiritual practice, demand for macabre attractions and disturbing experiences is clearly a growing trend. And Herbie Trashman and his Order of Zen Do-Gooders is, as always, right on the cutting edge of this development.

In 2014 Zen Do-Gooders will arrange the following retreats:

HERBIE2January 20-26 Renew your Life in an Authenic Death Camp (Auschwitz – Birkenau, Poland)
Reconnect with your True Self at one of the most popular and chilling tourist attractions in Europe.  

HERBIE6February 12-18 A Week on Death Row (Texas)
Experience a week on an authentic death row, together with real criminals.


March (exact date and location tba)    Witness a Live Execution
This intensive one day-retreat is arranged in co-operation with the Corrections Corporation of America. 

April 15-21     Wigger retreat
(New York, lead by Jezebel Anderson)  

N-curious? This is your chance to experience genuine Afro-American joys and hardships and brush up on your ebonics under the direction of a renowned Dharma Wigga, in a traditional Afro-American neighborhood.

Herbie’s Buddies
In honor of Herbie Roshi and the work he has done, Transintegral Institute and the Order of Zen Do-Gooders have established the Herbie’s Buddies Fund to sustain Roshi and his family. Please support one of the most dynamic and inspiring Zen Masters around with a fully tax-deductibale donation. Through monthly credit card or automatic bank draft donations you will manifest your commitment and improve your karma.

We offer three disitinct levels of support and commitment:

Donate $100 or more per month and receive the following:

  • Herbie’s Monthly Newsletter with insights into Entrepreneurial Spirituality.
  • Frequent updates on Herbie’s Personal Blog, with the latest news on Entrepreneurial Buddhism and heartfelt advice from a spiritual buddy.
  • Individual’s name or organization is listed on the Herbie’s Buddies webpage (optional)

Donate $500 or more per month and receive the following:
All of the above plus:

  • Listed in Herbie’s adress book which he wears on all his service trips
  • Facsimile, calligraphic autograph by Herbie

Donate $1.000 or more per month and receive the following:
All of the above plus:

  • An original artwork by Paris Hilton
    If you are one of the first 10 top donors, in honor of your commitment to Herbie’s work you will become the proud holder of a limited edition silicon sculpture, made by Paris Hilton.




3 thoughts on “Herbie Trashman Roshi

  1. ..I see I have tied the millstone around my neck. So in the spirit of Dharma Ruckus…Here is one:

    Zen Priest Kazu Kado of the Emergent Now-Wiz Bang…has been spending the past two decades in a secret Tibetan Tantric charnal ground secretly devising the much awaited Dharma Machine(TM).

    It is his lifetime achievement to the future of all Dharmas. Kazu styles himself in the ilk of the late Buckminster Fuller who comes up with amazing designs of human potential that no one in his generation is quite ready to use. It’s “anticipatory,” Kazu says in his newly adopted Zen aloof behaviorisms. But this devise, soon to be billed for the low price of concurrent installments of $11.11 per month/indefinitely…cuz that’s a fancy technical dharmic way of saying both ‘now’…and well…’now.’

    This Dharma Machine (TM) is part float tank, part EEG neurofeedback, part pelvic floor biofeedback, part kettlebell swings, part DMT hooka, part Piracetam, and part meta-meta-shizness.

    When asked just when this newly sanctioned methodological-pluralistic-instrumentalist device will be unveiled…Kazu says, “wait for it…wait for it.”

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