Transintegral Spirits™


Commercial, integral Buddhism is a new emerging industry, and while the Transintegral Institute and the Tutteji Foundations are firmly grounded on the cutting edge of this wave of human evolution, commercial Buddhism is only the tip of an iceberg in this time of emerging, integral, corporate spirituality.

Traditional and progressive spiritual teachers worldwide are currently mobilizing to capitalize on the opportunities that integral, corporate spirituality and mindfulness training will bring while inspiring young people to pursue careers in the field, enabling a sustainable spirituality for the future.

To capitalize on the interest and potential of commercial spirituality as an industry there is still a great need, however, for new ideas and development of innovative experiences, services, and processes to create long-term and sustainable economic growth.

Transintegral Spirits™ is an international pilot project with the vision to establish a translocal, virtual space as a creative hotspot. Visionary, 4th tier minds will meet to share ideas and create innovative products and services providing world-class spiritual practices, transintegral tools, and creative business solutions.

Building on philosophia perennis, a simple, color-coded evolutionary scheme, and a deep understanding of post-modern, global market dynamics as the core, Transintegral Spirits™ seeks to be a catalyst for innovation primarily within spirituality, psychotherapy, and coaching as well as the creative industries: manangement, adventures, fashion, events, music, food, communication, creative processes and more.

The goal of the initiative is to create a node on the global spiritual marketplace for the development of new services and experiences by integrating and re-branding the world’s great wisdom traditions and marketing strategies, creating a link that will strengthen local and transnational growth and encourage  entrepreneurship among spiritual teachers.

The initiative is supported by and received funding from the Rama Lentz Foundation for Entrepreneurial Buddhism.


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