Tutteji: New Teachings in Old Garb

tutteinrobesHow many world-class spiritual teachers can you think of who have single-handedly turned the Dharma Wheel?  Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho is not only acknowledged as one of the greatest contemplative masters alive today, having devoted his entire career to exploring radical new ways of branding and marketing spirituality. He is also an eminently approachable and welcoming teacher now offering you a ride on the Final Turning of the Dharma Wheel, the culmination of a life-long work to implement the Transintegral perspective and open new paths towards the spiritual singularity, assimilating the best, most practical and profitable aspects of Buddhism for the 21st century.

The transintegral, market-oriented teachings of Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho are truly extraordinary. This final turning of the Dharma is, simply put, one of the most comprehensive approaches to Buddhist thought and practice the world has ever seen, reshaping a remarkable tradition and making it useful and profitable for contemporary seekers of wisdom.   I can’t even begin to tell you how groundbreaking they are, how refreshingly New they are, and how astonishing they are in  depth and detail, and how blinding is their luminous clarity.  Dai Osho is one of the most exceptional teachers on the planet, showing the path ahead towards the innermost frontiers of enlightened living as the human race approaches the spiritual singularity of the One Market.

The comprehensive and deeply transintegral nature of Tutteji’s vision is the key to the sometimes extreme reactions that his work elicits. Dai Osho’s approach does nothing less than offer a coherent integration of virtually every aspect of human activity. What is his actual method? In working with any market, Tutteji simply backs up to a level of generalization at which the various conflicting approaches actually agree with one another. Take, for example, the world’s great spiritual traditions: Do they all agree that Margaret Thatcher was a deeply enlightened visionary? No. So we must jettison that. Do they all agree that there is One Market? That depends on the meaning of “Market.” Do they all agree on the Free Market, if by that we mean the dynamic aspect of Spirit that is in many ways unqualifiable, from the Buddhists’ Emptiness to the Jewish mystery of the Divine to the Christian Cloud of Unknowing? Yes, that works as a generalization-what Tutteji Dai Osho calls an “orienting generalization” or “sturdy conclusion.”

The result is the “transintegral system” that Tutteji has elaborated in his many books, a system that appears to incorporate the greatest number of approaches to spirituality and free market dynamics. Thus, Tutteji’s approach incorporates and honors, it integrates, more truth and profit than any other system in history.
– Ken Dillinger


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