The Stud and the Zen Master

studebookThe Stud and The Zen Master
by Herbie Trashman Roshi and Zeb Steele
128 pages

Zen master Herbie Trashman compares Zeb Steele’s iconic role in The Beauty and the Priest to Zen monk and poet Ikkyu: one of the men in Zen Buddhism who “thinks outside the box and challenges our small-minded notions of right and wrong”

For more than a decade, AVN Award–winning actor Zeb Steele and his buddhist teacher, renowned Roshi Herbie Trashman, have been close friends. Inspiring and often hilarious, The Stud and the Zen Master captures their freewheeling dialogue about life, laughter, spirit and porn with a charm and bonhomie that never fail to enlighten and entertain. Throughout,  their remarkable humanism reminds us of the importance of doing good and playig hard in a difficult world.

I met the Stud on DVD sometime in the late 1990s. A few years later I met the man himself in Santa Barbara and we started hanging, as he likes to put it, often while sharing a doobie. The Stud has done movies from an early age; less known, but almost as long-standing, is his commitment to spirituality. I’ve been a porn aficionade for years, and that’s where we both met. So we share a deep commitment to both meditation and the erotic arts and their intersection.

May this book benefit all beings.


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