Transintegral Spirituality at World Economic Forum

tuttedavosIn addition to the usual suspects at Davos — heads of state, Nobel laureates, CEOs and media titans — the 2014 World Economic Forum annual meeting featured the perspectives of people deeply commited to the contemplative path – and the challenge of integrating spiritual aspirations  with amassing money and power.

By starting powerful conversations on the importance of spiritual surplus value, these attendees shook things up and influenced the week’s events in ways that were refreshing and sometimes surprising as spiritual breakthroughs popped right and left.

Among the Davos attendees was the “world’s most successful man,” Buddhist Master, multiple lineage holder and cutting-edge Transintegral theorist Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho. In the past, brain scans taken of Tutteji while meditating on marketing strategies have revealed unprecedented activity in his left prefrontal cortex, suggesting an unusually large capacity for entrepreneurship and decreased tendency toward what he calls ”loser’s mind”. This week, Tutteji taught others at Davos how to achieve happiness and peace through mindfulness, leading early morning meditations for the meeting’s attendees and participating in a panel on the importance of spiritual as well as worldly success.

Tutteji also offered some advice for stressed-out executives like Anthony Weatherhill, CEO of TransPacific Investment Management Co., who announced his resignation this week: ”Don’t sacrifice peace of mind for a great work if you can get one that’s even better. The transintegral perspective shows us how our potential for success is literally limitless.”


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