Transintegral Life Practice™


Transintegral Life Practice. A 21st-Century Shortcut to 
Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Successful Business, and Spiritual Awakening
by Tutteji Wachtmeister, Bernie Trashman, Ken Dillinger & Barnabas Billings
248 pages

Get the most of life – by living a Transintegral Life.

Transintegral Life Practice™ (TLP) is not just another new approach to self-improvement, business management and higher awareness, but a sustainable and evidence-based way of making sense of – and making profitable – the full spectrum of insights, methods, and teachings for cultivating a more open, balanced, and successful personal brand.

TLP condenses East and West, ancient and cutting edge, within a flexible, fun, and easy contemporary system that you can use whether you are an accomplished yogi or a beginner on the spiritual path, a professional or an aspiring entrepreneur. TLP is a full spectrum program, designed for anyone who sincerely desires to lead a winner’s life of freedom and success.

A note from the authors:
We are often asked what makes Transintegral Life Practice unique. Here’s the quick answer: Transintegral Practice is a quick fix that works. What makes our system different from everything else available on the psycho-spiritual market is that we promise you the most unbelievable, revolutionary, life-transforming experience of all time, just by reading this book and engaging in TLP practices.

The real secret, of course, is practice. Our approach is grounded and realistic, based on both the wisdom of ancient mystics and the latest findings from neuroscience and cognitive theory.  If you spend 15 minutes every day on the fun and easy, scalable practice modules outlined in our book, your commitment and effort will deliver important and measurable results. To speed up the process, you could also join a local TLP sangha and become a personal student of a certified TLP guide.

Transintegral Life Practice™ is not your typical personal development system. While TLP will have a profound and lasting impact on your life, relations and business, the ultimate purpose of Transintegral Practice is to give you a front seat on the Great Train of Kosmic Evolution. By developing and integrating a transintegral outlook, you will join a vanguard of evolutionaries, exploring the limitless possibilities of the 5th tier stage of development.



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