America’s Alpha Guru is Back!

We are happy to announce that Andy Con, one of the most dynamic and inspiring, transintegrally informed spiritual teachers of our time, is back from a period of solitary retreat, more energetic and wrathful than ever.  His new retreat center, Wolfsschanze, will be fully operative in just a few weeks, welcoming serious practitioners for uncompromising, hardcore spiritual training. Beginning in June, Andy will begin offering retreats based on his new, profoundly transformative Path of Submission.

But you don’t have to wait until then! Andy’s new book, The Path of Spiritual Surrender is already available from Transintegral Publishing. In this instant spiritual classic, Andy outlines his vision for a truly transformative practice beyond the suffocating constraints of the politically correct mean green meme.z

The Path of Spiritual Surrenderandyconbookcover
by Andy Con
298 pages

From Tutteji’s Foreword:

This is a book that will make you uncomfortable, a book that will scare you witless, that will make you wish you had never learned how to read, a book that will offer you not sweet comfort but abject terror

Andy Con is a genuine rude boy, and he’s not here to console but to shatter, not to comfort but to demolish. He is uncompromising and brutal.  He is on your case in the worst way, he breathes fire and eats hot coals, will roast your ass in a screaming second and fry your ego and eat it for breakfast. Meeting Andy Con in person is hell, and reading his words is almost as bad. But if you can stand the heat and rudeness, please stay in the fire, breath the sulphuric fumes, swallow the red hot coals Andy feeds you. You will burn clean as infinity, radiate as the stars – and beg for more.

’Nuff said. Let me just assure you: Andy Con is the most uncompromising, rude, and horrifying narcissist you can find on the spiritual scene today. I wholeheartedly endorse the man and his work. If he can’t enlighten you, sorry to say, then you’re a hopeless case.

Tutteji and Andy Con: LIVE DIALOGUES

Last week Andy met with Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho for the first of a series of enlightening dialogues which will be available as a boxed set of DVD:s later this spring. What follows is a transcript from their first dialogue:

Tutteji: So, Andy. You’re back in business, with a new retreat center, a new book, and a bunch of new students. It’s a truly wonderful and stunningly triumphant comeback, I must say. An inspiration for many, many struggling spiritual teachers.

Andy: Well, thank you, Tutte. Without the support I received from Transintegral Institute, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Tutteji: It’s empowering to see that there is still a market for uncompromising, hard-hitting, no-nonsense spiritual teachers, gurus that don’t hesitate to rip out the eyes of their students and piss in their eye-sockets, if that’s what is needed to help them realize their Inner Self.

Andy: This approach is what got me into trouble last year, but I feel strongly that it is the way to go in this incrediby exciting time of Kosmic evoution.

Tutteji: The implications of this approach are so astonishingly profound, and so profoundly astonishing, that we cannot even begin to comprehend them.

Andy: Right, right.

Tutteji: And yet we must comprehend them right now, completely and totally.

Andy: Definitely, unquestionably, and without a doubt. And commit to them.

Tutteji: So, could you tell us about how you utilize the Transintegral framework in your teachings?

Andy: Well, at the risk of over-simplifying, it’s a self-referential discourse on the nature of reflexive, evolutionary self-deconstruction and immanent transcendence, in which we utilize some of the more radical aspects of your Final Turning teachings. This is all done within a meta-onto-logical, post-cognitive framework, allowing for the emergence of a processual and  spontaneous unfolding of transparadigmatic vistas.  On a practical level, I’m introducing a new, comprehensive program called ”The Path of Submission” where we, figuratively, ass-fuck the small self into a realization of the Inner Self and Winner’s Mind.

Tutteji: That sounds really awesome. I’m so happy to see how my conceptual tools are utilized in new and creative ways. I am a little worried, though, that some people stuck on the mean green, egalitarian, feminist, self-righteous meme, insist on calling your approach ”abusive”. I know that some of your former students even plan to take legal action.

Andy: To be honest, the best reply to such accusations is ”Suck my dick, motherfuckers!” but for the sake of this really important dialogue that we’re having here, I will elaborate a little. What we’re talking about is an extremely powerful, transformational practice that works to create an intrapsychic crisis in the dualistic polarity between pre.transintegral fragments of the student’s small self. My role as a teacher is merely to allow  this process to unfold in a natural and  optimal way, giving my students a chance to break through into a new space of self-transcendence and trust in Winner’s Mind.

Tutteji: Right, right … I feel you articulate many of the most important ideas that are central for transintegral evolutionary spirituality. And your contributions to this field have really advanced the collective grasp of our collective evolutionary destiny in ways that are important and unique. We need more passionate and aggressive evolutionaries like you, gurus that take seriously the promise of radical transformation that is the core of this movement. It’s so important that our ideas our put into practice, tested and deepened. It really makes me sad to see how some scumbags try to delegitimize them.

Andy: Yeah, There is a smell of McCarthyism coming from these mean green fundamentalists. But fuck them, I say. They have no no criteria for honoring a valid teaching or teacher. There’s no Enlightenment to be found in their deconstruction and feminazism.

Tutteji: They’re a bunch of losers.

Andy: Ignorant losers. Such a person wouldn’t recognize a spiritual Master if he slapped them in their face or poured a bucket of red paint over their head.

Exactly. Which brings us back to this ”Path of Submission” that you’re teaching at Wolfsschanze, your new retreat center

Andy: I really think this is one of the most comprehensive, uncompromising  – and challenging – sets of spiritual practices available today. In addition to devotional practices, we’ve incorporated a number of very powerful, very dynamic psycho-spiritual technologies. We’re integrating BDSM practices as well as some really exciting new enhanced interrogation techniqes: hypothermic lake prostrations, stress positions, and water boarding.

Tutteji: That’s really exciting! As more and more people are aspiring to higher levels of psycho-spiritual evolution and transcendence, there is a real and genuine need for such uncompromising forms of contemplative practice.

Andy: Exactly! There are literally hundreds of scientific studies out now, proving that practices involving radical surrender are the fastest and safest way to higher levels of transcendence, including access to the 3rd and 4th tiers of cognitive and spiritual evolution.

Tutteji: No-one can argue with that, with all these scientific studies coming from transintegrally informed, cutting-edge departments at progressive institutions like Richard M Nixon University. And yet, for me, what’s so truly inspiring, and profoundly moving, and incredibly transformative, is that people like you and me are pushing Kosmic evolution and turning the wheel of Dharma in ways that the Buddha, or Jesus, or Nagarjuna, or Mohammad just couldn’t have imagined. Think about it: This really incredible moment is recorded on DVD, and will be available for aspiring transintegral evolutionaries in just a few weeks.


3 thoughts on “America’s Alpha Guru is Back!

  1. The Evolutionary Collective is about mutuality and the space ‘between us’. We value and appreciate your feedback and your perspective.Please stay in communication, share with us and keep us informed about all that we can only know through your reach into the world.
    Please email your thoughts, comments and questions to the Evolutionary Collective correspondence team

    • Dear Jeff and Patricia,
      I commend both of you for taking the high road of right speech and extending your loving-kindness to Tutteji. I perceive both of you to be highly enlightened.
      Sadly, my “reach into the world” only extends a measly 2 inches……single tear.
      Seriously, if you can help with that I would love to here from you. Also, I would like more info on The Evolutionary Collective. You can contact me via email

      Glū ten-Shin 漢字

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