Dazein Roshi: Penetrating The Great Matter

Is it really possible to experience the same satori as the Zen masters of old, practicing meditation for just 12 minutes a day for 10 days?

Back when that idea first came to me, towards the end of a grueling, traditional Zen sesshin, it sounded too good to be true.

But I set out to find out.

dazeinroshiI created an entire course around that simple idea: one life-changing insight a day, delivered in a bite-size chunk so you can totally ”get it” and implement it in 12 minutes or less. In addition to the traditional Zen teachings I had received from my own Master, DumBo Roshi, I included a theoretical framework based on Tutteji’s and Ken Dillinger’s Transintegral model and some neurolinguistic coercion techniques.

Then I registered the trademark 10-Day Transintegral Samurai Program ®.

Finally I gave away over $40.000 in course tuition, and more than 150  people from 20 different countries around the world took it, including several transmitted Zen masters.

The results amazed even me.

And I had the answer to my question:

You can make an AMAZING progress on the Zen path in just 12 minutes a day for 10 days. And this will make a HUGE difference in your life and your wealth … If you make a wholehearted commitment and focus on the proper insights and strategies during that time.

Until now, the only way to get access to The 10-Day Transintegral Samurai Program ® was to take the entire course itself. Now, for the first time ever in print, you can go through the entire course quickly and easily, on your own.

The format is the same as the course:

One short, high-impact koan and insight each day for 10 days. Or you can read all 10 in about an hour or two at a single setting if you choose.

I’ve included everything you need to have an authentic, non-dual  enlightenment experience and to implement it in your daily life.

And left out everything else.

No fluff and no filler. No endless rounds of zazen, no boring Dharma talks – in short, nothing to waste your time. And when you’ve completed this short but powerful and handsomely produced, book, you will know how to:

  • Awaken to your Inner Self
  • Experience daily sensations of intensive bliss
  • Transform your emotional karmic patterns into new and healthier ones
  • Maintain a state of perfect clarity and calm 24/7

Enjoy the feeling of peace and contentment that comes from knowing that you have penetrated the great matter for yourself

So what are you waiting for?

Wake up!


Penetrating The Great Matter
by Dazein Obermeier Roshi
128 pages


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