Personal Instruction from Tutteji

tutte3In response to hundreds of requests over the last few months, Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho is now offering personalized meditation instruction.

Way back, when I started teaching meditation, I ran a simple online enlightenment service out of a cheap motel room. Things have changed, and today I regularly give teachings in front of huge audiences. But  working one-on-one with students is still my favorite thing to do, and I’m happy to offer this opportunity again.

Live video is a particularly effective way to coach meditators, and with this new platform we’re using, it is possible for me to connect with literally hundreds of yogis simultaneously while keeping the intimate format and powerful transference that are so important in order for the student-teacher relationship to flourish.

Regular online meetings with a fully transmitted teacher is incredibly effective. And with this wonderful new technology, my students make progress beyond what’s possible within traditional spirituality. And this Final Turning™ of Buddhism, which I’ve developed together with some of the most creative cutting-edge Buddhist teachers around, is digital in the beginning, digital in the middle, and digital in the end.

This Final Turning™ is not a revolution, but should be seen as a natural step in the the evolution of human spirituality. While we certainly have revolutionized certain aspects of Enlightenment, we also take great care to preserve what is timeless and valuable aspects of the Buddhadharma: The powerful Pali and Sanskrit words, the fragrance of aloeswood incense, the exquisite robes, the vertical power relations, and so on.

Another example is dana, the traditional Buddhist system of providing a livelihood for Dharma teachers. As a man of no rank, I earn my living from the cash gifts my students send. The beauty of this system is that paying for Dharma services is a complete and valuable practice in itself. It offers an unparallelled opportunity for the student to express his or her bodhisattvic aspiration, while at the same time being the most effective way to accumlate karmic merit. The size and frequency of dana donations also gives the Teacher an opportunity to check his students’ state of mind and maturation.

Most importantly, the act of receiving dana is a bodhisattvic action in itself. It has been said that the Teacher’s acceptance of dana is his greatest gift to his students.  It’s a spiritual win-win situation.

My standard fee is $450 for a 25-minute session. When you send more than that, you are helping me to accept pro bono-students sent to me by the Zen Do-Gooders organization.

I am looking forward to working with you!


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