From Man to SUPERMAN with Tutte Wachtmeister

supermanDiscover a revolutionary new technology for your mind to activate your superman potential and become the greatest possible version of yourself!

Imagine for a moment that there were no limits…
That you could literally become the person you have always dreamed of being.

For the last 30 years, developmental scientists and researchers, cutting edge theorists and some of the smartest people from around the world have discovered something truly profound.

A small percentage of people are breaking through to an entirely new level of human evolution, that has NEVER existed in our galaxy before.

According to some researchers, this new level of development is up to 10 times more empowered, actualized, transintegral, fulfilling, profitable, and effective than all earlier, combined stages of evolution in earth’s history.

People around the world, people who are just like you and me, are completely upgrading their lives, and living a life full of meaning and purpose.  And as a result they are experiencing a life that is free of the problems most of us face on a day-to-day basis.

This emerging higher capacity has been called various names but one thing is certain, that anyone who reaches this groundbreaking stage of development is literally becoming superhuman compared to the rest of the poor suckers inhabiting this planet.

Join the renowned author, teacher and living legend Tutte Wachtmeister as he shares his latest discoveries about what this superhuman potential means and how you can start to accelerate your own development to unleash the greatest possible version of yourself.

Here Is What You’ll Discover Using this App:

  • The 5 Major human transformations in the history of evolution
  • The quantum leap to a new stage of human evolution now occurring on earth & revolutionary transformation that lies ahead for our global culture
  • Why your own transformation (could bring an end to global problems like war, and water crisis) and will definitely change the world
  • How discovering your potential will make you more productive, successful, happy, and whole one very dimension in your level
  • The “drastic” drop in fear (of pretty much everything) that is possible for your life
  • Your built in potential for what researchers have called a “monumental leap in meaning”

Who is Tutte Wachtmeister?

Tutte Wachtmeister started his career as a spiritual entrepreneur as a young man.

When he was 23, he had made his first million.  A few years later, the result of his studies with some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, he emerged as a cutting edge spiritual teacher and evolutionary theorist with an entirely new model of human potential.  And that was just the beginning …


Tutte and unknown student

Over the past few years he has published dozens of books, and has impacted nearly every aspect of the psycho-spiritual scene.  He has became a quiet giant.  Growing from an idealistic reader of Ayn Rand, to someone who is considered to be “the smartest man alive”,  “one of the greatest thinkers of all times”, and “the bodhisattva of the free market”.

Book after book after book, workshop after workshop, he’s become a celebrated, international super hero, and wizard to many, including presidents, actors, directors, writers, musicians, economists, psychologists, quantum physicists, roshis, senseis, rinpoches, tulkus, mindfulness teachers, coaches and many many more.

The teachings of Tutteji has been called an elegant series of concepts that makes sense of, well, everything. Seriously… everything!  This elegant series of perspectives is aptly called by many Transintegral. What makes Tutteji’s teachings truly unique, and useful, is that they also outline a pragmatic path to personal success and prosperity, much more effective than anything out there.

In just a few years, a global community of hundreds of thousands of followers has sprouted around Tutteji, and the impact of his Transintegral work is quite astonishing. While positively affecting the individual lives of countless people, the secret sauce of Tutteji’s work, the one that’s presented in our new, uniquely transformative app, has also influenced large domains ranging from politics, economics, education, healthcare, psychology, gymnastics, yoga, meditation, the fine arts, wrestling, quantum theory, cosmology, biology, dentistry, and addiction recovery to marketing, criminal justice, pharmacology, climate change, theology, architecture, self-help, feminism, weight lifting and so much more …

And if you think the above sounds like a grotesque and  incredibly stupid (or smart) attempt to take advantage of desperate people, simply click here.

Or if you are experiencing some transintegral vertigo and confusion, click here.


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