Welcome Affiliate Partners and Party Hosts!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the webpage of Tutteji Wachtmeister to learn more about the From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister™, and how to become part of the truly awesome Spiritual Party Plan 2.0™ as a Tutteji Party Host.

This is truly a unique opportunity, and if you are passionate about making a positive difference in the world, improving people’s lives, and also making some incredibly high commissions in the process, you have found the right place! We offer you all the tools needed to make your self-improvement and bodhisattvic activities fun and profitable in this very life.

This is your opportunity to see, taste, and experience for yourself what the spiritual masters of old, and the self-help gurus of today, talk about. This timeless vista has many names, we call it the Tutteji Lifestyle — amazing products, transformative experiences, and smart, simple solutions to improve your Body, Mind, Life and Business. From the Totally Tuttejii cocktail party™ to a fun Girls’ Night In™, this is your party and we want it to be the best it can be! Whether you’re a Consultant, a host, or a guest, there’s a lot to enjoy at a Tutteji Party™!


Throughout our Affiliate Resource center, you will find everything you need to sign up and host a successful Tutteji Party™.  But also feel free to contact us if you have a burning question.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are many things about this project we would like you to know, and at the bottom of this page we have listed answers to the most common FAQ’s so you can understand what this From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister™  and the Spiritual Party Plan 2.0™ is all about, how you can partner with us, and what type of truly awesome commissions you can generate here!

But most importantly, mark your calendars right now.

The From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister marketing launch window is:

March 3rd to March 28th, 2014

You will not want to miss playing within this one-of-a-kind product launch, so please make sure to mark your calendars with this date straight away!

Next, simply click the button below and fill out the form to become an affiliate.  This way we can make sure you get access to our entire suite of affiliate resources PLUS you’ll get the inside scoop on this groundbreaking product launch (we have some surprises for you…you’ll see)!

Our team has been fortunate to have some of the top minds in Mindful Marketing™ helping to insure this launch is a fantastic success, and we are SO thrilled and honored that you are considering partnering with us.

Join us, it’s going to be a fun ride….

– Todd Daishin LaTorra – Co Founder, Radiant Media


1. What is The From Man to SUPERMAN APP With Tutte Wachtmeister™?
The From Man to SUPERMAN APP With Tutte Wachtmeister™ is a life changing, downloadable toolbox of practices and perspectives based on the life’s work of living legend, and luminary philosopher, Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho (more on Tutteji here).  Over the last year the team at Radiant Media have recorded more than 90 hours of exclusive audio with Tutte, and distilled the vast scope of his life’s work down to the most potent and transformative synthesis of his material ever created.

Simply put, this is the most powerful, inclusive and groundbreaking app available today.

This cutting edge content has been formatted into a versatile, fully sustainable app that will launch on April 12, 2014.  The marketing launch of this once-in-a-lifetime program begins with a series of social events, beginning March 20, 2014!

So again, please sign up now to participate in this upgraded party plan for the 21st Century. Within a few days you will be contacted by your own, personal Salesperson and receive all the information you’ll need to host a Tutteji Party in your own home.

2. How Much Does The Training Cost?
The full-tuition for this transformative training is $997.  However for this launch window we will be offering the entire 10 week training for only $19.95.  This will likely be the only time that we are offering the training at this discounted rate.  The tuition will increase in the future. As a token of our appreciation for your commitment, as a Tutteji Party host, you will receive a 10% discount o the full-tuition when you take the mandatory training program.

3.  What are the Affiliate Commission %’s and What Can I Expect?
First tier commissions are 22.5%, and we will pay second tier an additional 4.5%.  We recommend hitting the ground early for this campaign (again, it starts March 3) as it is first cookie wins.   This is going to be a big one in 2014 ….

In terms of expectations, the partners of Radiant Media are experts at party plans, one of the reasons Tutte Wachtmeister chose to work with them.  So expect to get paid.

4.  Are There Any Additional, Exciting, and Profitable Components in this Generous, Once-In-A-Lifetime Offering?
YES.  Many actually.  For one, the bonus roster of additional teachers who have signed on to help Tutte make this a huge success is astonishing.  People like Ronin Roshi, Hillary Roshi, Andy Con, Ken Dillinger, Chökpel Rizzler, Think Not Hanh, and many others.

There will be many additional hours of powerful, transformative and valuable teaching content in addition to the core teaching from Tutteji.  The value of this unique content from our guest faculty is by itself worth the price of admission!

On top of the ten 1 hour weekly trainings with Tutteji, he will also be facilitating a LIVE coaching and Q&A session each month! So students will get ten 1 hour rich media recorded trainings PLUS ten LIVE session with Tutteji himself!  So yeah, there is a TON of first-class, cutting edge content and it’s going to be good, transformative stuff allowing our customers to upgrade body and mind and become true SUPERMEN of the 21st Century.

The From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister™ is also a gamified online and mobile learning experience, based on classic aracade games such as PACMAN and SPACE INVADERS.  This custom online/ mobile learning platform is highly unique in the field on online enlightenment services.

But at the end of the day this is a training and our unique product is about psychological, emotional, somatic and spiritual transformation.  Students will literally be upgrading the software of their minds and hardware of their bodies, and be taken on an amazing and life-changing ride.

There is so much more to say, but one thing I can promise. Your friends and guests are  just going to love you for giving them this opportunity to upgrade and become better, more attractive and successful versions of themselves.

5.  Can Affiliates/Party Hosts Take the Training for Free?
All affiliates/Party Hosts automatically receive a 10% discount on the mandatory, full training program. In additin, every affiliate/Party Host who is responsible for a minimum of 500 unique customers will receive a FREE download of the From Man to SUPERMAN App. The deadline for this offer is April 5, 2014

* * *

That’s about it!   We will be in touch with more information soon with more updates and resources so that you can make the most of this amazing event.

Wishing you much success!

– Todd Daishin LaTorra, co-founder Radiant Media

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, sign up as an affiliate/Party Host below…


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