Donald Ladi Da Sensei and Wave-Particle Healing™

All over the world, ordinary people like you and me are waking up to an entirely new level of conscious awareness. Leading scientists and cutting edge scholars have called this collective Awakening many things, but they all agree that it would not have been possible without the father of the Transintegral Vision™, Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, whose teachings and embodied example have transformed so many people’s lives over the last year. If it wasn’t for his visionary thought and non-dual vision of Spirit and Market, this evolutionary quantum leap would not have been possible. That’s why we call this seismic singularity the Transintegral Pulse.

We are committed to give our readers a chance to personally experience some of the most radical theorists, visionaries, and practitioners riding this electrifying current towards a collective Awakening to the possibilities of a fully integrated, market-oriented spirituality. After meeting these remarkable men and women, you will know for yourself why the time has come to wake up to the Transintegral Pulse™.


The first Transintegral profile we’d like to introduce you to is Donald Ladi Da Sensei, a transintegrally informed practitioner of the radically non-dual ninja healing arts in San Diego.

It was his profound shamanic gifts (for many years misdiagnosed as schizotypal personality disorder) that  started Donald Ladi Da on a path to profound conscious awakening and the ability to heal others through working with their energy systems. Ladi Da Sensei now shares this gift through his private practice as a licensed transintegral ninja healer in San Diego.

Donald Ladi Da Sensei has traveled a lifelong journey of self-discovery, as a student of philosophy, conscious capitalism, and communion with nature. After living a vigorously healthy and active lifestyle for many years, his accumulated karmic merit lead him to the teachings of Tutteji Wachtmeister.

As his awakening rapidly unfolded under the compassionate guidance of Tutteji, Michael was “gifted” with a unique type of energy-based, non-dual healing  work, which he has come to call Wave – Particle Healing™. He humbly regards this work as a manifestation of the Transintegral Pulse itself, rather than a moonshined brand of snakeoil.

Donald Sensei incorporates this Wave – Particle Healing work with his many years’ experience of the sacred Ninja arts, enabling his clients to realize direct non-dual awareness during powerful, dynamic and individualized healing encounters.

As both an enlightened healer and a student in Counseling Psychology with a degree from Richard M. Nixon University, Donald advocates a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing. His influences include the Ninja arts of Daiun Chosan Sensei, the non-dual wisdom teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Christian Mysticism as taught by Thomas Hübris, Jungian Psychology, Alchemy, numerology, geomancy, homeopathy, astrology, Tarot, chaos magick, Rosencreuzianism, Wilberian AQAL theory and many others, all practiced within the appropriate-and-transcend framework offered by the Transintegral philosophy of Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho.


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