Colin von Bülow and Transintegral Vision

TVlogoThe second transintegrally informed visionary we’d like to introduce is familiar to all friends and personal students of Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho. Colin von Bülow has worked as Tutteji’s personal assistant for the past couple of years, and the inner circle of the transintegral community has been able to watch this young man transform, grow and evolve in every way possible. With the highest recommendations from the father of the Transintegral View, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colin has become a highly successful non-dual coach, providing reliable support on the path of waking up, transintegrally through Transintegral Vision.

Colin von Bülow in 2013

Colin von Bülow in 2013

Colin von Bülow has been Tutteji’s valet and teaching assistant since 2012. Given the day-to-day nature of these roles, Colin has likely spent more time observing how Tutteji thinks than anyone on the planet.  During this entire time, Colin has had a one-pointed focus  on developing a similar charisma as his Teacher. It is with this same devotional attitude and bold ambition that Colin approaches Transintegral Advising & Consulting and Transintegral Spiritual Guidance, making him one of the most promising of a new generation of hungry, ambitious spiritual guides.

During my work at Transintegral Institute, I’ve been having very strong experiences of: it’s God speaking through Tutteji, making the command. It’s not that there’s this separate self sense known as Tutte Wachtmeister, and this separate individual is commanding these things. It’s the Spirit of Ayn Rand, it’s God, it’s the Infinite Market that command. Or however you want to look at it. But it can be such a shockingly palpable experience of, “Oh my God, it’s not just this human here that’s making this command or this insistence.” It’s a direct personification of God’s highest form (to date) of complexity and depth and consciousness and profitability. That really can be a fairly shocking experience, to realize that the spiritual Market itself is communicating to you through this individual. It’s not merely this individual saying these things, it’s Capitalism itself speaking through them. That’s what it’s like working for a genuine Spiritual Teacher. And, thanks to his guidance, this Transintegral Spirit is communicating through me now. And it’s so, like, unbelievably cool. I’m literally sizzling like an isotope when this happens. I sometimes feel like a ventriloquist’s dummy, sitting in the lap of Tutteji, or Ayn Rand, or God.

In 2013, Tutteji published his magnum opus, The Body-Mind-Market Trilogy. By the time the book came out, Colin had been serving as Tutteji’s assistant for a year, and this was the dedication:

To Colin von Bülow

Manjushri to Vajrapani, some might say.
Or maybe Gustav to Tadzio.

Prior even to the book, Colin had been engaged in a very, very deep contemplation of what his own “enlightened power” might look like, and whether some of Tutteji’s insight and charisma wuld rub off on him.  The creation of Transintegral Vision, a thriving coaching business in Lima, Ohio, is the clearest manifestation of this living inquiry to date.


Colin von Bülow today

I’m just so overwhelmingly pleased at where I find my own understanding and my own experience at this point. It’s really reached a very exciting kind of culmination where I feel like I’m finally standing on the territory that Tutteji actually said existed.

In this case what I’m talking about is not just a non-dual state of enlightened awareness, but also a fifth-tier territory or worldspace. And third- and fourth-tier realities, of course, are rare enough in and of themselves. And fifth-tier is almost non-existent on the face of the planet, but this is where the action is and the fun begins!

Today I find myself in a situation where I look around and it’s like landing on a new continent. Again, these are not realities simply in the mind of Tutte Wachtmeister. They are very real opportunities, available for anyone willing to make the necessary investment. I mean, look at me: I’m 22, and I’m making tons of money selling the Transintegral Vision and the promise of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th tier awareness. And I get laid all the time. I can’t tell you what a liberating experience it is to become a Transintegral entrepreneur. It’s, like, a totally awesome experience.


One thought on “Colin von Bülow and Transintegral Vision

  1. Von Bülow? The hand of death if you ask me. How he do it, though, Master ? Venice . All those years back Yogic flying? transintergrel time travelling?

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