Robbie Loew and MMM

Will a solid meditation practice and access to nirvikalpa samadhi get you laid?

Maybe not directly, but it sure won’t hurt.

A good meditation system allows us to get stuff out of our heads, and into unconditional trust in our cocks, which ensures that everything we care about actually gets done.

The result of taking this mind-dump known as “meditation”?  Deeper presence and a more satisfying sex-life, in realtime, from moment to moment.

– Robbie Loew


robbieloew2The next up-and-coming Transintegral pathfinder we’d like to introduce to our readers is Robbie Loew, author of  instant best-seller From Gassho to Sex. The Spiritual Man’s Guide to Getting Laid. A long-time student of  Hillary Hilton Roshi, Robbie is also co-founder of the hugely popular Buddhist Freaks podcast and manager of the Transintegral Center in Lima, Ohio (a vibrant place called “the Boulder of the 21st Century”, by a leading cultural critic). A natural born entrepreneur, Robbie also created the “Virtual Men’s Hangout” in Second Life before hooking up with the Transintegral community.

Robbie is also a renowned poet, hiker, tattoo artist, and  dharma dork who has achieved a great deal of notoriety for his work, landing him in the center of attention and between the thighs of some of the most beautiful women on the spiritual scene. Yet something wasn’t quite right.

In his new book, Robbie vulnerably reveals how he was suffering, when most of the world would agree he had everything going for him and how his journey of self-discovery ended with a profound Vow to help his fellow men navigate the perils of contemporary life and devote his life to sharing his hard-won insights.


Robbie at a book-signing event at his favorite diner in Lima.


Robbie’s latest project is the Male Meditation Mentoring program, an interactive platform where he offers skillful advice, based on direct personal experiences as well as a thorough grounding in Transintegral Theory. Every day he spends several hours on Skype,  exploring the dance and struggles between spiritual awakening, personal growth, relationships, and how we bring all of it into the work we offer to the world and ourselves, together with a growing circle of students.

In fact, the MMM program is now generally regarded as the heart of the New Authentic Man Movement – and for a good reason: Hundreds of satisfied students confirm that a few weeks of daily interaction with Robbie Loew changes lives.

Erland Bultmann, creator of, attended the latest MMM Online Intensive, and the report of his experience really captures the essence of what men can take away from this life-changing practice:.

“I’ve felt great after the MMM Program, and had some spectacular connections with women. This is part of a larger trajectory in life, involving the full spectrum of Transintegral perspectives and practices, but the MMM intensive was instrumental.
Clearly, this stuff works. And if you’re wondering if you should get on the bandwagon, my input to you is ‘it might be expensive, but it’s likely to help you grow some balls and bring a whole new freedom in your relationships with women.’”


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