An open letter to the Transintegral community from Todd Daishin LaTorra

Based on the feedback we have been seeing for the last few days about our From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister, I feel our collective emergent evolutionary constellation is calling for us to share the intention and vision of what we are doing.

And it’s not the reason you probably think it is …In fact, the subtleties of transintegral internet marketing is one of the topics covered in the first module of the From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte Wachtmeister, so I won’t go into details here.

Anyway, I understand the violent reaction to the “vulgar Ken Wilber vibes of our latest marketing campaign, and in truth, it was never meant for the Transintegral community itself .

Now, we have something else in mind for the Transintegral community. Not an intro course or some stupid app, but a goodie bag filled with live footage and other exclusive material that Tutte has never shared before. This is an advanced course, teaching the finer point of Transintegralism intended for those on 3rd tier or higher.

Let’s be honest for a moment. The core Transintegral community, those appreciating the supremely valuable contribution of Tutteji Wachtmeister to the acceleration of human evolution, is an elite of the elites, the crème de la crème of entrepreneurial psychonauts and visionaries. Simply put: You are the most evolved, most successful and uber talented individuals on the planet. Transintegral Institute  would never, ever insult your intelligence by trying to sell you some poorly marketed, over-prized self-help crap.

But for the time being, our mission in singular. Sell the From Man to SUPERMAN App with Tutte wachtmeister to the unevolved masses. Sell it to the stupid. Sell it to the deluded. Sell it to the desperate.  Sell it to the sad motherfuckers aspiring to higher awareness, spiritual transcendence and worldly success. Sell it to the unemployed graduates from bogus universities. Sell it to disillusioned x-buddhists and mindfuldistas. Hell, we’re even selling this crap to the Russians and soon we’ll release a Chinese version.

And, and I want to state this as clearly as I can, our P.R. is better than God’s, and it’s one helluva lot better than Ken Wilber’s.

Now, I know there is some distate for this, but where others see crass commercialism and cynicism, I see a tool.

Something that will help make this world Transintegral.

There is a lot of dislike for our latest marketing campaign because it is perceived as cheap swindling.

But this is a very limited, lower tier view.

The true essence of swindling is simple.  Communicating the value of something, to people  who didn’t realize they wanted  that value, in such a way that they can understand how valuable it is.

As Tutteji says: “This is the timelss Tao of the Free Market, to which we return with every breath.”

Think about it! There are millions of people around the world who still haven’t heard of Transintgralism. So, after years of learning internet marketing, and practicing with very large internet marketing launches, I along with my two partners reached out to Tutteji  to fulfill this vision that I personally had been holding for a very long time: Make as many people as possible desire Transintegral commodities!

It is as simple as that.  The purpose is this: Get people to want Transintegralism.  And to buy it , and to buy some more of  it, and spend as much money as they possibly can on Transintegral apps, webinars, workshops, retreats, DVD:s, CD:s, and so on.

Now, it’s not as simple as just running around selling this stuff.. If simply attempting to sell  Transintegral to the world were enough, it would have already spread like wild fire. It needs to be marketed.  And it needs to be marketed in the most vulgar and aggressive way.

And Transintegral needs your help with this marketing. I would personally love to see more support and less whining from the Transintegral community.

I would love the inspiration, the enthusiasm, and the fiery intensity of this community to rise up, come together and launch this good work on the world.

I ask you: Do you believe with Tutteji Dai Osho, who has been called “the smartest man since Hegel”, in the ultimate success of Transintegral theory and practice?

Are you and your Transintegral Sangha willing to work as hard as you can and to give everything, pushing the evolution of the Free Market?

I ask you: Do you want a total marketing campaign?

Do you want a marketing more total and radical than anything that we can even yet imagine?

Now, Transintegrals, rise up, and let the storm break loose!

– Todd Daishin LaTorra

And please click here to learn more about the highly competitive market of contemporary spirituality.



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