Become a Buddhist Freaks Patron

Buddhist Freaks™
has become something of a flagship for an emerging postmodern Buddhism, attracting an increasing number of Dharma dorks, entrepreneurs, international investors, media representatives, mindfulness instructors, integralistas, and even a few cutting edge scholar-practitioners to its popular events. Whatever category you belong to, Buddhist Freaks™ welcomes you to its inspirational gatherings such as the annual Freak Show, featuring TED-style talks and opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the most awesome and successful dharma whores active today.

Buddhist Freaks offers:

  • An invaluable network of 1000+ passionate Dharma entrepreneurs.
  • Inspirational start-up stories from emerging  Buddhist celebritites willing to share their successes and pitfalls.
  • Feedback from investors and insightful recommendations on your Buddhist idea by our partners.
  • Conferences, webinars, podcasts,online retreats, and video hangouts, featuring some of the most innovative and successful Dharma teachers around.
  • Activities such as partner exhibition, speed consulting, pitching opportunities, and much more

For the past several years we have been exploring the question, or koan, “How can we serve the convergence of Buddhism with rapidly evolving technology and an increasingly global market?”

Buddhist Freaks provides space for this ever deepening conversation. We aim to bring together perspectives from across the world, from across various fields of marketing , and ,of course, from Buddhism. This year we will focus on a four day international Freak Show, a wide range of video conversations, and a member driven community of dedicated contemplatives hosting conversations at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, hypercapitalism and the emerging global market for digital Dharma products and services.

Join the Buddhist Freaks Sangha

By contributing dana support, you can become a member of a vibrant and expanding community of Buddhist Freaks. The money you contribute allows the Freaks to continue to offer the Podcast, Community, and annual Freak Show. Specifically, your money goes to the Buddhist Freaks core team of 3 people, conference speakers, as well as the associated costs of design, legal, accounting, hosting fees and all the other little and big costs that go into running a growing organization. We bring in a modest amount of money from community memberships and conference ticket sales–and yet we depend on raising money from our network of listeners.

What do we need?

In order to continue operating we need at least $10,000 for 2014. By contributing to this crowdfunder you will help offset the costs of both the conference and the community. Your support will allow us to keep the conversation alive and continue to make a difference in the world.

Select a perk for your contribution

A public thank you (if we can find you online) from the Buddhist Freaks team for helping us continue to host conversations on the convergence of Buddhism with mass market and technology.

$100 +
1 Year Community Membership

You will receive access to BuddhistFreak TV and past conference videos. Also, you will have the ability to host and/or participate in member organized google hangouts.

$175 +
Limited Edition T-Shirt

You will receive a limited edition T-Shirt with the classic vintage Buddhist Freaks heads and 1 year community membership.

$500 +
2014 Freak Show Ticket

You will receive a ticket to the annual Buddhist Freak Show event which takes places in Lima, Ohio, on October 16th-19th. We will also send you a limited edition t-shirt and sign you up for a 1 year community membership
.Estimated delivery: October 2014

$2,500 +
Dinner with Buddhist Freaks

You will be invited to dinner with the Freakss during the 2014 Freak Show. We will provide a conference ticket for you and a guest, sign you up for a 1 year community membership, and send you a limited edition T-Shirt.
Estimated delivery: October 2014


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