The Dharma Bazaar Matrix

photoAre you struggling to integrate your Dharma practice with your everyday life into a seamless whole that is both spiritually satisfying and profitable?

If so, you should spend a few minutes contemplating this once-in-a-lifetime offer from Transintegral Institute. Sit back, relax, and a have a nice cup of  your favorite green tea while we tell you how you, too, can become a successful Dharma Entrepreneur.

More specifically, you are invited to become a member of The Dharma Bazaar Matrix (DBM), a fast paying 2×2 dharma matrix with daily commission payouts!

You get unlimited earnings potential with $100 payout every 2×2 cycle!

At only $40 one-time to join DBM; for life you earn over double your fee on each cycle again and again and again!

Samsara has never been this profitable!

Now, we understand that your beliefs, values, and spirituality are important to you, and we believe that these are things which shouldn’t be sacrificed when trying to make a living.

That’s why we’ve created The Dharma Bazaar Matrix, and that’s what sets it apart from similar investment operations. We are deeply committed to help people fulfill their worldly ambitions while realizing their highest spiritual ideals.

Transintegral Institute proudly proclaim The Dharma Bazaar to be one of the greatest spiritually informed home businesses in the world. Our bold declaration comes from this fact:

We offer an affordable two-part system, with superior value-to-cost ratio, both parts of which may lead to a deep spiritual realization.

Firstly, we offer an excellent personal empowerment product that is unique and exclusive to DBM: A complete, fast and easy, modular and scalable program that will help you realize who you truly are. The program integrates the best and most reliable methods from all the world’s greatest wisdom traditions as taught by Zen Master and entrepreneur Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, generally acknowledged as the ”Henry Ford of Spirituality” and ”The thinking man’s Ken Wilber”.

Secondly, we offer an extremely powerful yet very simple income opportunity that allows for unlimited wealth creation. The effective wealth building success system of DBM focuses on solving the following two major problems that many people worldwide are facing today.

1. Lack of Direction — lack of motivation on a regular basis to realize their spiritual potential.

2. Lack of Money — lack of income on a regular basis to live the lifestyle they desire.

Good news! Our system consists of exactly these two synergistic solutions to help individuals focus on their spiritual goals and earn a large residual income.

Personal Empowerment — success mastery educational product.

Home Based Business — unlimited income opportunity program.

Contact us now and start earning money right away!


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