Digital Oxygen – A New Offering from iAtman

iAtmanDigital Oxygen is the latest offering from iAtman, a leading manufacturer of digito-spiritual solutions. Already considered a milestone in the evolution of digitally enhanced spiritual practice, Digital Oxygen contains extremely powerful, subtle energy, arranged to enhance and optimize consciousness by delivering the energetic frequencies of oxygen, prana, green tea and other nutrients which play important roles in the evolution towards 4th tier levels of consciousness.

tutteadDigital Oxygen lets you experience feeling both rejuvenated and calm, as this unique formula breathes you. The six main benefits reported by satisfied customers and confirmed by several scientific studies  are:

1. A gentle, calming relief from stress.
2. An increase in relaxed focus.
3. Improved sleep.
4. Improved breath-focused meditation and breathing practices.
5. Effective pain management.
6. Improved stamina.

What is unique about the Digital Oxygen program is that it contains NO brainwave entrainment, so you DO NOT need headphones to enter samadhi using this new and unique technology. In fact, so subtle are the Digital Oxygen frequencies that you don’t need ANY KIND OF EQUIPMENT to benefit from the powerfully positive field of subtle energy generated by ordering this product.

That’s right! All you need to do is to place an order. The purchase itself will give you immediate access to this breakthrough technology, representing the absolute cutting edge of digito-spiritual solutions and meta-marketing.

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited access to Digital Oxygen
  • Platform independent, ultra high frequency Digital Oxygen brainwave stimulation
  • User-friendly interface allowing 24/7 instant samadhi
  • FREE membership of the global Digital Oxygen Community

Instant Order ONLY $97.

“Is meditation just too hard? Tired of narcissistic teachers always telling you what to do? Too tired to sit down and practice? Then this may just be the tool for you! iAtman allows me to feel spiritual even though I’m really not. Digital Oxygen is an outstanding resource for those of us who do not possess the time, energy or inclination to do our own inner work. Just plug in and it’s 4th tier all the way!”

Alistair Gale, M.S.

Beware of copies!
We are well aware that iAtman Products have been copied and we’ve been contacted by a lot of ‘customers’ complaining about the efficacy, reliability, quality, etc of our Digital Oxygen. As it is our objective to supply products that exceed everyone’s expectations, we started a long dialogue, through our tech support team, with those customers trying to solve the problem(s). It was only then that we discovered the products sold under this name weren’t ours at all. So please be very conscious of this fact when making your purchase.


3 thoughts on “Digital Oxygen – A New Offering from iAtman

  1. Dear Tutteji,
    This product looks very real and profitable. Were the benefits testet on ordinary consciousnesses or can already advanced ones only benefit from this.
    After seeing the 18 thousand facebook likes, I feel misplaced somehow.

    • Dear Mustafa,
      This product was designed to be beneficial for all meditators, regardless of how developed they are. So if you’re on first tier, Digital Oxygen will take you to 2nd tier, if you’re already on 2nd tier, you will find yourself on 3rd before you know what happened. It’s truly amazing, and I think of it as an evolutionary elevator.

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