limaposterIn the past year, transintegral consciousness has emerged on a large scale all over the world with unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. A new structure of consciousness is expressing itself in a wide variety of domains – ranging from psychology, spirituality, economics, ecology and sustainability – to leadership, politics, education, business, community building and beyond. The members of this extended community have been waiting to meet each other. We are giving birth to a global identity of the transintegral community, empowering people with a significant role in the larger  transintegral global movement. We will also examine where is transintegral at right now and what its new frontiers are.

In this spirit, in the 1st International Transintegral Conference, held from May 8-11, 2014, we will gather to witness, celebrate and express “The Emergence of Transintegral Consciousness”. It is estimated that 1500 people from approximately 20+ countries will meet in the beautiful “Capital of Transintegralism”: Lima, Ohio, a location which has emerged as the epicenter of a Transintegral tsunami, sweeping away old paradigms globally, liberating minds and markets.

We invite you to Lima to be part of the very first International Transintegral  Conference experience. Come share your insights, activity, research results, talent, healing capacity and your cojones with us! We will use formats that allow plenty of heart and mind exchange ranging from scientific discussion through short TED-style peptalks to deeper transformative group and community processes. The ITC is designed to not be a purely academic and intellectual conference. At the ITC we will experiment with a transintegral format where academic science, transformation and the we-space converge; where a knowledgeable, playful and communal marriage of sense and soul consciously meet. Nothing compares to the real encounter, smiles, handshakes and mutually beneficial deals that make life worth living. You will be able to meet and be in conversation with the faces behind the social media profiles. Come as a presenter, workshop leader or participant – be any of these, or all!

See you in Lima!


One thought on “ITC 2014 – WELCOME TO LIMA, OHIO!

  1. Greetings from Discover Ohio!

    I guess the secret is out.


    Our vortices await you!

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