The Final Turning: Transintegral Buddhism and The Free Market

The Final Turning: Transintegral Buddhism and The Free Market

by Tutte Wachtmeister Dai Osho
224 pages

It is flat-out strange that the Free Market is happening at all. There was nothing, then a Big Bang, then barter, then money, then here we all are. History has come to an end, and there is only this One, expanding Market. This is extremely weird.

To our burning question, “Why are we living in the best of worlds?” there have always been two general answers. The first might be called the philosophy of “oops.” The free market just occurs, there is nothing behind it, it’s all ultimately accidental or random, it just is, it just happens – oops! The philosophy of oops, no matter how sophisticated and adult it may on occasion appear – its modern names and numbers are legion – always comes down to the same basic answer, namely, “Don’t ask.”

The question itself (How did this evolving but always already perfect Free Market come about?) – the question itself is said to be confused, pathological, nonsensible, or infantile. To stop asking such silly or confused questions is, they all maintain, the mark of maturity, the sign of growing up in this cosmos.

I don’t think so. I think the “answer” these “modern and mature” disciplines give – namely, oops! (and therefore, “Don’t ask!”) – is about as infantile a response as the human condition could possibly offer.

The other broad answer that has been tendered is that something else is going on: behind the happenstance drama is a deeper or higher or wider pattern, or order, or intelligence. There are, of course, many varieties of this “Deeper Order of the Market”: the Tao, God, Geist, Maat, Archetypal Forms, Reason, Li, Mahamaya, Braham, Rigpa. And although these different varieties of the Deeper Order certainly disagree with each other at many points, they all agree on this: the Free Market is not what it appears. Something else is going on, something quite other than oops ….


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