Speed Meditation 2.0

A Serious, Fun and Thorough Meditation System that can give you a Distinct Advantage!

  • Is your contemplative practice too slow?
  • Do you find your mind wandering and daydreaming while you meditate?
  • Do you get tired or anxious while meditating?
  • Could you benefit from getting enlightened faster?
  • Would you like to jump start your spiritual path, Accelerate your way through states and stages, Become a successful meditation teacher?

Would you like to take advantage of all the latest breakthroughs in contemplative neurology and technology? Learn methods that show you how to use more of your natural brain power and that use methods previously reserved for top ascetics, yogis, roshis and rinpoches?

Well, read on because we have the right product for you. The Speed Meditation 2.0 software was designed by Kenneth R Lingham, DVM, and  represents the cutting edge of contemplative technology, upgrading and evolving the Buddha’s teachings, making them truly transintegral.

What is Speed Meditation?
Speed Meditation™ is the art of making meditation on the breath, or anapanasati, more efficient, saving effort, money, and time. Even experienced meditators breath at an average pace of 1-8 exhalations per minute (epm), which means they can only focus their attention on 1-8 exhalations per minute, because that’s the way they were taught to meditate. No wonder it usually takes several years to have an enlightenment experience.

However, it is entirely possible to meditate at a much greater speed, with much deeper samadhi, making enlightenment attainable within in a few months. The solution is simple – learn how to breath much faster than what’s being taught in traditional meditation.

With the aid of software like Speed Meditation 2.0, it’s possible to achieve the same results as reported by ancient Masters, Gurus, and Sages with much lesser time and effort.

How it Works
To train to meditate faster, you must first find your base rate. Your base rate is the number of exhalations per minute (epm) during deep meditation. We’ve defaulted to 5 epm, which is about the average that works best for our users. Now, meditate for 5 minutes using Speed Meditation 2.0 at that base rate.

After you’ve finished, double that speed by going to the Settings and changing the Breaths Per Minute value. Meditate for another 5 minutes. You shouldn’t expect to experience instant falling off of body and mind – in fact, more likely than not you’ll feel exhausted after a couple of minutes, but that’s OK. You should be straining to keep up with the program until the increased bpm feels effortless and natural. At that point, you should double the speed again.

That’s basically it – constantly increase you bpm value, and keep pushing the edge of what you’re capable of. You’ll find that when you drop down to slower breathing, you’ll be able to pick up much more than you would have thought possible.

speed2Order Now and Save $50
That’s right – for a limited time we’re offering you the complete Speed Meditation 2.0 package for only $197.

What our customers say

roshi1We at Chaboji Monastery have found Speed Meditation™ to be so effective and profound, that we have made it a central part of our daily practice and sesshin.  We also offer individual and group Skype sessions utilizing this remarkable contemplative practice.   We have found Speed Meditation™  to be around 97% effective, and that is why I feel comfortable promising, or darn close to promising, that by the time you finish your first few sessions, you will be among the enlightened ones, even if with beginner’s eyes.  Of course, this initial—but very strong—insight or kensho can be infinitely deepened if you want, and Transintegral have promised to realease advanced versions of their software, allowing practitioners to continue meditating to deepen this awakening.  But awaken you will, I truly believe.
– Donald Soren Churchyard Roshi, Chaboji Monastery

roshi5One might say that the fundamental challenge in our life has to do with how we relate with the dualistic nature of our hardware and our software. So from a dualistic perspective, we have things that are soft and things that are hard; and things that fast and things that are slow; and situations that are profitable and situations which aren’t. So, we’re constantly working with this dualism. And the beauty of the Transintegral perspective is that it unifies them, and makes all of them work for you in ways that are incredibly inventive and effective. I have used Speed Meditation software for the past couple of years and have been really impressed. It’s truly awesome. Just imagine how much time Joshu or Dogen or Rinzai would’ve saved if they had had access to this kind of technology! Today I see my students evolve and grow and reach that level of understanding in just a couple of years. I genuinely believe this is the Final Turning of Buddhadharma.

– Dick Mojo Kennedy Sensei, White Light Sangha

Hearing the product name alone provides Shaktipat transmission. I’ve been blissed out on the sofa since I heard it. If your wish to grow is great enough, you need not even use the software, much less your cushion.

Alistair Gale, M.S.


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