Complete Ayn Rand Altar

Through our safe and secure webshop, Transintegral Institute offers spiritual supplies of the highest quality, hand-made in our hygienic factory in Bangladesh. Whether you’re setting up a contemplative corner in your bedroom or plan a total makeover of your temple or meditation center, we can help you find exactly the right items. Upgrade your sanctuary now with our extensive selection of offerings, including fine altar supplies, bells, and malas as well as exquisite, sumptuous meditation outfits.

Complete Ayn Rand Altar
Setting up an altar to our transintegral matriarch does not need to be an expensive or elaborate affair. Something as simple as a small statue may be a perfect reminder to practice diligently. For those wanting to make their spiritual commitment manifest in the world, however,  we strongly suggest that you consider investing in a complete shrine. Not only will it add an impressive spiritual ambience to your home or office, it will also generate huge amounts of karmic merit to yourself and your loved ones. We can’t honestly think of any better, or more compassionate gift to the world.aynrandaltar

We are now offering a stylish, traditional altar, made of high-quality, laminated fiberboard with exquisite rose-wood finish, complete with light-emitting diodes and practical shelves and a drawer. (46cm x 36 cm x 67 cm)

The altar comes with a complete set of offering bowls, vases, and a candlestick holder, as well as an authentic bell, and museum-quality bronze bust of Ayn Rand. This statue was made by hand using the lost wax method and then painstakingly hand-patinated  – a process that takes several highly gifted artisans several months to finish, resulting in a one of a kind, totally unique and expertly made masterpiece, capturing the serene calm and emitting the empowering radiance of enlightenment.

Price upon request


One thought on “Complete Ayn Rand Altar

  1. Just in time for Women’s Day! She being the brightest, most highly evolved light among the fairer sex, of course. Deep bow. Om Rand Hari Rand Moolah Rand Me Me Me Om.

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