Online Dokusan with Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho

Dokusan, or private instruction from a fully transmitted Teacher is an opportunity for serious, dedicated Zen students to deepen their practice. For centuries, this kind of interaction has been an integral and essential element of authentic Zen practice. During dokusan, the student may bring up questions relating to practice, may demonstrate his or her understanding, or simply absorb the enlightened vibrations of a realized Master.

Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, award-winning spiritual teacher and generally acknowledged as one of the greatest Zen Masters alive, is now offering  ONLINE DOKUSAN. Click here, simply submit your question and you will receive expert guidance from a living Master.

newtutte1How we react to people who are good at what they do and  make  more money than ourselves,  is very revealing of the beliefs underlying our own unhappiness and with that the unhappiness we create our planet with.

I generally don’t do private sessions (because they don’t excite me) but I have decided to help a few, highly motivated individuals by offering one-on-one guidance, in order to give them an opportunity to support my work and the work of Transintegral Institute.

I have decided to charge $300 for every dokusan. Why 500 dollars? Simply because this seems to be the optimal fee for a one-pointed and truly beneficial interaction.

When I felt into possibly doing $100 sessions, it didn’t excite me. When I felt into doing $200 sessions, I started getting more excited about the idea. Myunique self warmed up to it. Energies started to align more, but not enough yet to actually offer them.

When I then thought of charging $300, the idea suddenly clicked into place and now felt in alignment (read: healthy, inspired, and beneficial to my being and the world) with my Heart-Mind.

I could see how, in addition to it allowing me to help Transintegral Institute, it would also serve as a beautifully potent and catalytic experience for those who choose to commit to paying $300 to something they truly believe will advance them along big time.

I never felt like a fraud since I am 100% confident in my ability to help anyone from any spiritual background achieve any goal or realization they desire, as well as save them many many hours, even years of living a mediocre life of depression, compulsive seeking and self-doubt.

I know therefore that I can help them save tons of money as well, but also help them generate a living and more with doing what they love; by being who they are.

In other words, I feel that what I offer is worth so much more than what I charge. Hence I never feel like a fraud even if I would charge a million dollars. Besides I keep my information open through many ways for free, and for less money than $300 as well. No one is forced into a session with me. But yet, people insist I am a fraud.

This perfectly illustrates the perverse, pervasive nature of limiting beliefs in our culture. You see, while those 5% of the world’s population firmly rooted on 4th tier understand the non-duality of Market and Mind, the vast majority is still stuck in pre-transintegral stages.

So considering the fact that I felt I could be of true benefit to both Transintegral Institute,  my work (my joy to be of service), the one person receiving dokusan with me, and the many people I can continue to reach by supporting my team who in turn support me by taking some work load off of my shoulders, this all felt like a perfect package, at least temporarily until it no longer resonates or serves to do so.



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