Profitable Dying™

An opportunity to die for …


We have good news and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad: You’re going to die someday.

That’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it?

Few things in the known universe are more mysterious or more frightening than death. And we all have a natural tendency to reject death, to push the thought of our death out of awareness, and to rage against the dying of the light.

Death really sucks, or so most people think.

But here is the good news: You really don’t need to be afraid of your own death. In fact, there are things you can do right now that not only will help you overcome your fears, but make you welcome death as the greatest opportunity in life.

That’s right: Death, properly understood, is filled with unsurpassed spiritual and entrepreneurial opportunities. All spiritual masters, from Plato and Buddha to Ayn Rand and Tutteji have taught this same truth:

If you learn how to be successful before you die, not even death will stop you.

In other words, if you die to your loser’s mind and wake up to the true, winner’s mind, which is the timeless Kosmic Market itself, death will be a fun and exciting – as well as a highly profitable – experience.

death1Profitable Dying™ is the latest offering from the Transintegral Zen Institute, a fully interactive, 108-part explorative and modular app that will give you the most comprehensive, most transintegral full-spectrum insight into death and dying available on the market.

Profitable Dying™ is based on the timeless teachings of The Tibetan Book of the Dead and also incorporates the cutting-edge contemplative science of Lucid Dying™ which, once mastered, will make dying a truly blissful experience.

Profitable Dying™ includes hundreds of hours of recorded seminars with Tutteji and the  teachers of the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha. The core module is designed by Andy Holodeck, world-renowned authority on death and author of best-selling A Profitable Death, and consists of guided meditations that will help you:

  • Choose the best life insurance.
  • Take advantage of the astounding spiritual and business opportunities that will arise in the Bardo.
  • Choose the most satisfying and profitable rebirth.

Bonus disciples of Tutteji will also receive the following:

  • Exclusive excerpts from A Profitable Death by Andy Holodeck.
  • An incredible DVD featuring transintegral coach and actress Bridget Fujin Bardo Sensei.

Proftable Dying™ is a crash-course to the highest levels of spiritual practice and realization as well as an advanced application of investment practices that transcend both personal death and global recession.


Your Instructors

dansemacabreTutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho is arguably the most important spiritual entrepreneur in the world today. He is the most widely acclaimed meditation master on both sides of the Atlantic, with more than 25 Dharma transmissions from widely respected, authentic Buddhist lineages and has a rapidly growing following in Asia. He is the founder, Supreme Abbott and CEO of the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha.

What makes Tutteji especially relevant in today’s world is that he is the originator of the first truly transintegral™ philosophy and practice, directly pointing to the unity of Body, Mind, and Market. Incorporating Eastern traditions of contemplation with the visionary teachings of Ayn Rand and the no-nonsense pragmatism of political giants such as Margaret Thatcher, Transintegral Theory™ (TT) has been applied to fields as diverse as cultural studies, anthropology, systems theory, economics, developmental psychology, biology, spirituality, ecology, sustainability, psychotherapy, psychiatry, education, business, medicine, politics, sports, art, and orthodonty.

Andy Sogen Holodeck Roshi, generally considered one of the world’s leading authorities on death and dying, has studied with many well-known roshis, senseis, tulkus, lamas, rimpoches, ajaahns, anagarikas, dharmacharis, avatars, gurus, visionaries, mystics, seers and business consultants. In 2015 he received ordination as an Osho, and Dharma Transmission in the Order of Transintegral Zen™, thus becoming an 84th Generation Patriarch in the unbroken lineage of the Buddha. His work joins the knowledge of the West with the wisdom of the East to help us realize our full human potential, alive or dead. Andy holds degrees in coaching, alternative medicine, and a Master’s Degree in accounting.

Herbie Tetsugen Trashman Roshi, Zen Master extraordinaire, is a world-renowned pioneer in the American Zen movement, holding more Dharma transmissions than he can remember.Herbie is a charismatic spiritual leader, a fearless entrepreneur, an accomplished academic, a successful businessman, and a jolly good fellow, always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to relieve the dukkha of sentient beings. Now in his 60s, Herbie is focusing his energies on how to develop the opportunities offered by death and dying

Dick Eido Ohlzon Roshi, a natural born transintegralist, began spiritual practice several years ago. Practicing everything from tantra to wicca, animism to Synanon, he now takes a firm seat in both the Zen Order of Holy Boners and the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha, where he recently received Dharma Transmission. Fully committed to the Lay Bodhisattva’s way of life, Dick is an accomplished tattoo artist and auto mechanic.

Bridget Absinthe Fujin Bardo Sensei is a fully ordained priest in the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha and received complete Dharma Transmission from Andy Holodeck Roshi after completing her formal study and practice under his guidance. She is a long-time student of death and lead guitarist in Lethal Pestilent.




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