Tutteji is Back and the Future Looks Bright

Over the past couple of years there has been a tremendous outpouring of compassion, concern and curiosity from the Transintegral™ community regarding its founder and main teacher, Tutteji Wachtmeister. As we all know, Tutteji entered a solitary, personal retreat in early 2014, and for the past couple of years the beloved guide, considered by many as “the smartest guru alive” and “the thinking man’s Ken Wilber”, has not given any public teachings.

Until now.

We are incredibly excited to announce that Tutteji Dai Osho is back and has resumed leadership of the Transintegral Zen™ Sangha and the entire Transintegral community. At his side is an extremely talented, vibrant community of newly transmitted Dharma teachers and we can expect a virtual avalanche of updated, fun and profitable teachings right from the frothy frontlines of cutting-edge spiritual evolution.


During a private sesshin in Las Vegas, I decided to give Dharma transmission to my friend and student Trixie Roberts Sensei. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. She’s a remarkably talented and intuitive young woman and I expect great things from her.


Core faculty of Transintegral Zen™ Sangha teachers: Andy Sogen Holodeck Roshi, Dick Eido Ohlzon Roshi, Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, Herbie Tetsugen Trashman Roshi, and Bridget Absinthe Fujin Bardo Sensei.

In his recent keynote address at the Transintegral Leaders’ Summit, Tutteji offered a brief update about some of these new teachings and how they relate to the hottest trends on the psycho-spiritual market, and we’re happy to share some of these truly stunning, remarkable revelations with our readers.

The Profitable Dying™
app is now in beta, and should launch within a couple of weeks. Early testers report that the experience of this full-spectrum approach is nothing less than a completely “mind-blowing mind-fuck that will change the direction of digital dharma for years to come.”

The interactive Bodhisattvic Capitalism and Spirituality 2.0 training program is already a tremendous success as hundreds of cutting-edge entrepreneurs have signed up for this opportunity to boost their spiritual careers and liberate the bodhisattvic spirit of business. The Bodhisattvic Capitalism website alone has approximately 200,000 unique, daily visitors.

The massive interest in the forthcoming Mahayana Reloaded™ campaign shows that Buddhism is finally ripe for a new turning. The project includes an extraordinary media collection that features an exclusive video teaching by Tutteji Dai Osho where he is joined by several of our most honored Transintegral Zen™ teachers, Trixie Roberts, Herbie Trashman, Dick Ohlzon and Andy Holodeck. They will unpack Tutteji’s historic teachings and render them into fully realized, modular and customable practices, heralding a truly transintegral Dharma for the 21st Century.

The Score Like a Zen Master™ seminars is an experiment in targeted marketing and was designed with socially inept, sexually challenged relationship coaches in mind. So far it has been a great success and only a few tickets are still available.

gratitude fund
The Tutteji Gratitude Fund is a nonprofit organization founded to support Dai Osho’s personal well-being. Tutteji did not ask for this; we created it from a felt sense to set in motion the wheel of selfless giving and altruistic investment that is at the heart of the Transintegral vision. Tutteji has assured us that he is not retiring and by contributing as little as $100 you can help nurture the growth and flowering of his gifts to humankind. As Tutteji himself has reminded us so many times: The teacher’s acceptance of your donations is his greatest gift. Or, in other words, donating to the Tutteji Gratitude Fund is a true Win-Win opportunity.

As our customers and students have come to expect, we have many more fun, exciting and enlightening surprises in store, so stay tuned!




7 thoughts on “Tutteji is Back and the Future Looks Bright

  1. Reblogged this on Speculative Non-Buddhism and commented:
    Is there hope after all? If you are as excited as I am about Tutteji’s re-emergence from his dark night of transintegral metemschizoidseelewanderung in the cosmic markets, then please remember to donate to the Tutteji Gratitude Fund. Long live the Wachmeister, master of brainwaves and market fluctuations. God and Ken Wilber know we need him!

  2. “Trixie Roberts Sensei” – shouldn’t there be a Japanese middle name in there somewhere?! I mean, a title alone just won’t cut it.

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