Premier Issue of The MAHAVIHARA


We are both incredibly happy and enormously grateful for the opportunity to offer our new mindfulness-based publication The Mahavihara. Here, first-rate practitioners and writers will show us the significance of world events in the light of mindfulness teachings. The purpose is to comfort readers everywhere with the good news of the present moment and promote faith in the practice of mindfulness. Here you will learn how to cope with today’s problems and build confidence in MBSR’s promise of a peaceful, mindful, and secure new world.

About us

The Mahavihara Foundation brings you timeless mindfulness teachings, up-to-the-moment news, advice, commentary, and more. We deliver this content through two main platforms: The Mahavihara magazine in print and digital editions and this site — kindly hosted by Tutteji Wachtmeister — our home in the digital world. We also host an annual community retreat and other events, and work with partner organizations to sponsor additional live and online events and teachings throughout the year in support of our mission to make mindfulness accessible.

You can help expand the reach and benefit of timeless wisdom in these times

The Mahavihara is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States, and a not-for-profit, charitable organization in Canada. We are mission-driven and community-supported. You—our community of readers, advertisers, and donors—support our mission when you:

Your ongoing subscription provides a crucial base of support for our efforts.

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Share wisdom and compassion, and the best of mindful writing with friends and family by giving a subscription to The Mahavihara.

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Your donation is tremendously valuable, allowing us to continue to make mindfulness and its insights available to the broadest possible audience. Please note that many who may find benefit in this content may be unable to support the Foundation’s work by subscribing; if your financial situation allows it, please help us extend our reach by making a donation

Your support will:

  • continue to develop and showcase the next generation of mindful entrepreneurs, writers, editors, and teachers; alongside established leaders in the field;
  • maintain high-quality content in a world gone mad with click-bait;
  • expand our platforms to keep pace with changing technology; our current highest priority is to deliver highly interactive, multi-platform apps, substantial video content as well as social media presence in 2016.

3 thoughts on “Premier Issue of The MAHAVIHARA

  1. My dearest Tutteji,

    We must bow to your supreme insight in bringing us your incomparable teaching “mind and market are one” You have proved once again that to rest in the ineffable confluence of the neo-liberal individual essence and the market will suffice to bring us to the realisation of the mind market confluence –the non-dual supreme bliss/ground of all of our entrepreneurial efforts.

    It is astonishing to me that you have so effortlessly anticipated the intellectuals by decades by simply resting on you (adorable)laurels in the empty-headed neo-liberal state which is the preliminary to the full realisation of the mind/market confluence. The absolute truth of your timeless, majestic vision is perfectly illustrated by the belated, stunted and pitifully crude conceptual excretions of the so call intelligentsia, fittingly illustrated by this poverty stricken attempt to conceptually plagiarise your insightful and effortless poetics –- a continuum of blissful buddhistic effusions which is indeed the mergence of wisdom (Thatcher/Rand/Wachtmeister) and compassion (Shakumuni/Jesus/Wachtmeister)

    Fourthly, the desideratum of universalizing the norm of competition goes well beyond the boundaries of the state. It directly affects individuals considered in their relationship with themselves. In fact, ‘entrepreneurial governmentality’, which must prevail at the level of state activity, finds a kind of continuation in the self-government of the ‘individual-enterprise’. More precisely, like the private actors of ‘governance’, the entrepreneur-state must indirectly conduct individuals to conduct themselves like entrepreneurs. The mode of governmentality specific to neo-liberalism thus includes ‘techniques of governing that exceed express state action and orchestrate the subject’s conduct toward him- or herself’. The enterprise is promoted to the rank of model of subjectivation: everyone is an enterprise to be managed and a capital to be made to bear fruit.
    Christian Laval and Pierre Dardo in their critical appraisal of Neoliberal Society “The New Way Of The World: On Neoliberal Society” quoted here on Dark Ecologies

    At last these pathetic intellectual dwarfs have at least a meagre grasp on the crumbs of your incomparable non-conceptual and empty-headed insight, which exceeds even the empty-headed conceptual excretions of Rand and Thatcher. Please accept my heartiest greetings after your long absence and ignore the rantings of my Non-buddhist doppelgänger and his boss Steingass.

  2. Dear Tutteji,
    Insert the link to Dark Ecologies. I was overcome by emotion and succumbed to a moment of incipient Altzeimers.

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