Ven Dr Daifou Won Jishou Dharma Thich Đức Liểu Domun Prajñā Thich Nhat Kung Jongdrol Sunim Soen Roshi

The third teacher I’d like to include in this series is the Ven. Dr Daifou Won Jishou Dharma Thich Đức Liểu Domun Prajñā Thich Nhat Kung Jongdrol Sunim Soen Roshi, MDOZBC, PhD, DhD, 81st Patriarch in the unbroken Lineage of Bodhidharma, Archbishop of the Mountain Dew Order of Zen Contemplatives and Supreme Abbot of the Order’s Temple of Ten Thousand Golden Buddhas outside Taos, New Mexico where he also serves as Guiding Zen Master as well as Supreme Chancellor of Manjushri Dharma University.
juhold-sunimVenerable Won as he’s called by the handful of dedicated students flocking around his Dharma seat, was born Burt Campbell in 1957. He began practicing Advaita Vedanta with Eckhart Boomer and Vipassana with Sharon Goldstein in 1995 and was recognized as a genuine Teacher in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi the following year. Eckhart Boomer had studied with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) in the latter’s Indian Ashram for many years and was designated as a teacher in Osho’s lineage which means Ven. Wong could also claim Patriarchy in the Osho transmission lineage. In 1997 Ven. Wong was sanctioned as a teacher by the exclusive Insight Meditation Club and begun offering intensive retreats. Ven. Won was ordained by Zen Master Jajangmyeon Sunim as a Dharma Teacher in 1998, as a Senior Dharma Holder in 1999 and as a Bodhisattva Monk with a license to fornicate in 2000. He received teaching authorization from Zen Master Banchan Sunim in the Golden Days Zen Order in April 2001. Ven. Won additionally received the 250 reformed Bhikkshu vows from The Supreme Vinaya Patriarch Bhante Sangarakshita Suhita Dhamma (Thích Chuối Chiên đậu Phụ) who was the first Dharma Heir of Rev. Dr. Nước Sắn Dây Hoa Bưởi. Between 2002 and 2005 Ven. Wong made a pilgrimage along the California coast, studying with many well-known Buddhist teachers and receiving several Dharma Transmissions. In 2006, Ven. Wong opened the Rainbow Dragon Temple in San Diego. Later the same year, Ven. Wong studied intensively with Koan Master Dick Bladderworth Roshi and was given inka in the Three Treasures and Four Vows Order. Following a legal dispute with a local restaurant owner concerning the name of the temple, it was re-dedicated as “Misty Moon Zen Temple” in 2007. In 2008 Ven. Won founded the Manjushri Dharma University which awarded him a PhD in Buddhist Astrology in 2008. In addition, Ven. Won also holds a Doctor of Dharma in Buddhist coaching and a Master of Dharma in Integral Marketing from Richard M Nixon University. Encouraged by his students, Ven. Won self-ordained as a Patriarch in the Holy Lineage of Bodhidharma in 2010. The following year, his thriving community moved to New Mexico, due to sectarian issues with a neighboring Zen Center. Due to cultural differences, Ven. Won spent the period 2010—2012 in solitary retreat at the Penitentiary of New Mexico. During that time, he formed a strong Karmic bond with several fellow retreatants and formed The Motley Sangha, which upon their release in 2012 was incorporated as a non-profit organization with the name Mountain Dew Order of Zen Contemplatives.


The Mountain Dew Order of Zen Contemplatives

Barnabas-BVen. Barnabas Billings MDOZC was consecrated Archbishop in receiving Inka during the Ripe Plum Retreat in 2015. His full biography can be found here.






11Ven. Nước Chấm MDOZC was consecrated Bishop and Cardinal upon receiving Inka in 2015. He is a certified LifeSkill Coach in the Coalition States (#4578) and runs a private online practice. In 2014 he co-authored the pamphlet Embodied Mindfulness.





8Ven. Bún Măng MDZOC is a Buddhist priest and Lineage Holder in The Mountain Dew Order of Zen Contemplatives since 2015. He is also an accomplished Aikido Master and received the Black Belt with golden tassels from Steven Seagal in 2010. He is scheduled to finish his formal training in 2016, when he will receive the “final seal” (Inka) from Master Won.




9Ven. Hủ tiếu Dhamma MDZOC is an authorized Zen Teacher and Buddhist priest in the Lineage of Bodhidharma as represented by The Monuntain Dew Order of Zen Contemplatives since 2014. He is currently studying Integral Coaching and plans to start his own online enlightenment coaching service. Hủ tiếu Dhamma is also a skilled dog whisperer.




16Ven. Phở Satế MDOZC became a member of the Order in 2015. Already a certified Secular Buddhist chaplain, he took to the practice of the True Dharma as transmitted through the apostolic lineage of Bodhidharma easily and enthusiastically. On New Year’s Day 2016 he was recognized as a fully qualified Dharma Holder.



dhammachickAn inveterate supporter of gender equality, Ven. Won was happy to acknowledge the deep awakening of Sister Mì Bò Viên MDOZ in 2014. A deeply intuitive vessel of the Dharma, she was given full transmission as a Dharma Holder and is currently teaching mindful pole dancing in her native New York.



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