A Dharmic Colporteur Extraordinaire

Although he is one of my absolute favorites among up-and-coming Dharma entrepreneurs, I hesitated a bit before I decided to include Vince Horn in this presentation of talented but somewhat obscure Buddhist visionaries. In fact, this technodelic visionary, mind hacker, cutting-edge meditation teacher, happily married monk, colporteur extraordinaire, and enthusiastic guide to the virtual deva-gati, is probably getting all the attention he craves deserves already. But the fact that Vince wasn’t included in the pantheon of Buddhist teachers on the cover of Lions’s Roar Magazine, shows that he still has work to do. But Vince is as an extremely gifted and promising vessel for my Dharma, so I will gladly do anything to help Vince reach the celebrity status he so much deserves.

HornVincent Horn is part of a new generation of teachers translating age-old wisdom into 21st century code. A computer engineering dropout turned modern monk, Vincent spent his 20s co-founding the ground-breaking Buddhist Geeks while doing a full year of silent meditation practice. He began teaching meditation in 2010 with the encouragement of his own teachers, Kenneth Folk and Daniel Ingram. Vincent has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine and was honored to be featured in Wired UK’s “Smart List: 50 people who will change the world.”

And with the encouragement of his teachers—after nearly a decade of intensive meditation practice in the Burmese and Thai Forest Theravada tradition—Vincent teaches both online and in person in Asheville, North Carolina.

Buddhist contemplative traditions have, for millennia, carefully led us in the process of deconstructing our normal sense of identity and replacing it with one that’s both fluid and responsive. Our challenge is to build that wisdom into our next generations of contemplative technology. If we can do it well, our experience of reality will never be the same.

horn2Vince’s approach is informed both by his experience and training in the Insight, Zen, & Vajrayana styles of Buddhist meditation, as well as a growing list of ideas, practices, and perspectives which he’s found useful.

Have you ever been to a retreat where one of the first things you did was turn off your smartphone or even turn it in to the organizers? After years of doing retreats in environments that shun the use of technology – and basically suggest that a technology-negative view is a necessary pre-requisite for real contemplative practice – Vince decided to do things differently. On a Buddhist Geeks Retreat you will not be asked to shun technology. In fact you will be invited to actively engage with it in ways that support and deepen your meditation practice – imagine that!

In short, if you’re serious about upgrading the OS of your Mind, update to version 2.0 of and RTW yourself, there is really no better choice than Vince Horn.


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