Mindfulness Based Breast Augmentation


Let’s start with a couple of simple truths.

1. A majority of women in the world are unhappy with their breast size.

2. Those on a spiritual path are no exception.

Now, according to postmodern, mean green boomer discourse, spiritual women shouldn’t worry too much about their breasts, or their looks in general.

If you’re a woman and you’ve reached 2nd tier, you know this life-denying ideology is a violation of the feminine principle. If you’ve done your transintegral homework, you also know better than to mess with sacred archetypes. You respect them and uphold them, embodying the timeless Feminine (which is no other than your Sacred Self) while participating in the Dance of the Market.

And, guess what, having a classic enlightenment experience, or even taking that momentous leap to 3rd tier that makes you a master surfer of the evolutionary crest, won’t change much. In fact, most women will become more concerned about the proper way of embodying the Feminine as they begin to embody their Enlightenment. (From a 1st tier, flatland perspective someone this devoted to the Goddess principle will, of course, simply appear as someone “unhappy with their breast size”.)

If you’re reading this, you’re very likely already at 2nd tier. Countless scientific studies have shown that 5 % of the world’s population has reached this stage of individual evolution (or will do so within the next few years). This is truly wonderful, and I genuinely share your joy and sense of accomplishment.

But here’s the hitch: There are multiple levels above those outlined by the Integral movement (itself a 2nd tier phenomenon, sharing many of the pathologies typical for this stage, including hyperbolic speech patterns, megalomania, and poor judgement when it comes to choosing both spiritual teachers and suits). I’m not bullshitting you here; at least one new, scientific study from the Richard M Nixon University confirms what sages and pundits have said through the ages: there are new tiers all the way up.

So … What are you waiting for? Time waits for no one, and soon those perky breasts will start sagging.

I believe that boob jobs themselves, when carried out as an act of devotion, belongs in the third tier. That you might see the value of skillful breast augmentation if you’re still on 2nd Tier, or even struggling to be free of the green meme. But you won’t really get it unless you take action yourself.

Fortunately, going for surgery is not the only way to increase the size of your breasts. And, remember, your body is a temple dedicated to the Great Goddess. You don’t want to renovate it with a sledgehammer, do you? In this new CD, Dr Maribel Jadore will share with you a complete program that you can do at home. If you follow it, both you and your loved ones will be able to see and feel the difference within a couple of weeks.

How does mindfulness work to increase breast size?

In Mindfulness Based Breast Augmentation™ we offer two traditional, basic techniques for developing mindful breast augmentation.

Seated Meditation
Doing anapanasati (meditation on the breath) forces your breasts to develop because the breathing exercises you perform helps in building up the subtle pectoral muscles, which will stimulate glandular and fat tissue in your breasts. When you perform this simple meditation, you will be working on all the muscles around your chest area that makes your breast larger and more toned.

Doing full-length prostrations is a powerful way to work on your chest area. Bow, bend, and slide, over and over again. This will reduce your karmic burden while you develop a nicely toned chest area.

Order your CD NOW, then sit back, relax, and have a nice shot of Cuervo Gold. At only $19.95 this is a real bargain — and one that will change your life (and body) for the better and forever.



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