Mindful Trading Cards

Throughout the ages devoted mindfuldistas have employed pithy, penetrating sayings of the masters to develop compassion, equanimity, lovingkindness, and joy for others. Known as transformative reeducation — or mind-training — teachings, these aphorisms and slogans have been the subject of deep study, contemplation, and commentary for centuries.

This new offering from Transintegral Institute consists of a series of fresh slogans from the canonical scriptures of mindfulness, each with an illustration used for visualization practice.

To use these slogan cards to enhance your practice of mindfulness, display a new card each day.  In this way a different aspect of the teachings will be illuminated.  Alternatively, display one card for a longer period of time and use it as support for contemplating a particular saying fully.  Exploring the slogans in this way will help reveal their more profound implications.

Each card was individually designed by Tutteji himself. After living among and teaching Westerners for almost three years, his approach is uniquely insightful into the ways that the slogans could be misunderstood or misinterpreted within our culture. Here, he presents a refreshing and clarifying view, which seeks to correct points of confusion.

Each individually wrapped card is ONLY $9.95 and comes with two pieces of organic  green tea flavored bubblegum.

So order now, sit back, relax, and have a shot of Smoked Salmon Vodka from one of our sponsors.
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These profound words are presented with clarity, compassionate directness, and penetrating insight. This set of trading cards should be cherished as the companion of all who seek true meaning in life.
Shady Meng Tan — Senior Fortune writer at Wonton Foods.

Tutteji Dai Osho draws from the canon of Mindfulness teachings and brings them into the context of contemporary life and thought. The wisdom of these teachings is equally relevant for all cultures, ancient and modern.
The Secular BusybodyFounder, The Secular Pratyekabuddha



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