Transintegral Islam: Entrepreneurial Jihad


Welcome to Entrepreneurial Jihad™ — A Fun and Profitable Telecourse for advanced level transintegrals

Generally, an entrepreneur’s self-understanding is that I’m wild, creative, slightly narcissistic, sort of out of control, and just trying to do my life and make it happen, make a ton of money and find a vehicle for my wild creativity.

And that’s all good. As all spiritual geniuses have asserted: “Greed is Good”.

Greed is the high-octane fuel for Kosmic Evolution™ itself. It is known by many names: some call it bodhicitta, others Eros. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what name we give this Force, as long as we tap into it and make it work for us.

But when the entrepreneur self-references in that way and I’ve talked to thousands of the entrepreneurs about exactly this, the entrepreneur self-perception is ultimately of being narcissistic, more than slightly greedy, self-involved and the entrepreneur that loses a sense of their infinite, gorgeous value and how utterly, wildly, essentially necessary the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is for the future of reality itself.

You see my friends; the entrepreneur is not actually alienated from reality. The entrepreneur is not lost in a self-reference, cut off from the universe; actually we live in an entrepreneurial universe. The nature of reality itself is entrepreneurial. Quarks, subatomic particles, seek connection with other particles to create a higher value proposition which is called Atoms. Atoms seek connection, interpenetration, relationship with other atoms to create a higher value proposition which is called molecules.

And in fact, there is an entrepreneurial drive in reality itself. In the Santa Fe Institute, the mid 80s, they talked about this as the fifth force of the universe. In this fifth force, this erotic entrepreneurial drive seeks new creativity, new meaning, and new value all the time. And to be an entrepreneur is to be an expression, an embodied personal face of this entrepreneurial impulse, this evolutionary impulse which is core to reality itself.

Actually, my friends, we have finite resources, we have finite resources in the physical world and we have a desperate need to expand our resources. We can only expand our resources through our one infinite resource. That is an entrepreneurial creativity, our ability to create new possibility. Actually, source, essence, which some people called God, the evolutionary impulse is the possibility of possibility.

The possibility of possibility awakens through entrepreneurship. It’s actually entrepreneurs, all of us viewing ourselves as entrepreneurs with our unique gift to give, that will actually save the world that will actually transform our planet. It is the ecstatic urgency of the entrepreneurial impulse which is going to take us to next step. That’s the beginning, that’s the opening to what we are calling conscious entrepreneurship.

Welcome to this conversation. We need you. We need your voice. We need your creativity. We are inviting all of you to step in to this journey of evolutionary transformation, wild creativity and profound prosperity in every level of reality.





4 thoughts on “Transintegral Islam: Entrepreneurial Jihad

  1. I have been working on on bringing to light a 6th force which will integrate with many a trans-aspected, unseen, reality part. Rather than merely creating abundance for myself, this force will allow me to reduce the abundance of others thereby increasing my fractional share of universal abundance. I am currently devising a multi-level program of great cost to others to transmit this heretofore veiled perspective.

  2. Mind without walls I feel a deep almost generic resonance with your words…. this force will allow me to reduce the abundance of others thereby increasing my fractional share of universal abundance. But does that mean that the bearded old German fag got it right?… an increase in profits means a decrease in wages?…. Your words manifest the core of WHAT IS …surplusvalueextraction…mmmmmmmmmm…….lets get on to surplus value Fracking.

    Who is the guy in the funny hat? Can we hope that the force is cloning a Mark Gafini for every culture on the planet. Islam is so in need at the moment…….

    • Sensei Jennings, the way you’ve integrated economics with things-as-they-are is the stuff of instant enlightenment. I am reminded of the awakening that with Capitalism, man exploits man, whereas with Communism it is just the opposite.

  3. Thank you both for your valuable contributions to the emerging particle-wave formation of Transintegral Entrepreneurship. The level of creativity here is truly astounding, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see this embodied, bodhisattvic capitalism gain momentum. And, remember, we are riding the crest of market evolution itself.

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