Introducing Mindfulness Bell®


Did you always have a secret dream of becoming a priest, minister, or rabbi but lacked the commitment and faith to pursue a spiritual career?


Do you secretly envy the authority, charisma, and ability to manipulate transference of successful spiritual teachers?


Have you tried to carve out a niche for yourself as a mindfulness instructor or coach without much success?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. Please read on to learn about a unique business opportunity that will transform your life.

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Mindfulness franchising could be the ideal choice for you. No matter your eonomy, background or training, Mindfulness Bell® is a franchise concept on fire to meet the needs of consumers hungry for a little peace of mind and a deeper meaning to their lives. Our franchising model works because of its tested, proven approach and streamlined operational characteristics. Add to that equation a popular product or service (MBSR) and you have a business model rich with potential. Your opportunity to open the door to one of tomorrow’s top franchise brands could begin right now.


Why Mindfulness Bell®?

Transintegral Institute recently launched a ten-year growth plan to open 108 MBSR centers and an estimated 500 jobs nationwide.

We are now seeking candidates who have the future vision to aspire to mindful franchise multi-unit development, along with an understanding of operations. The minimum financial requirement to become a Mindfulness Bell® franchisee in the United States is:

  • $500,000  net worth
  • $120,000 in liquid assets

Advantages of Being a Mindfulness Bell® Franchisee

  • Access to nationally and internationally known products (MBSR as well as a selection of well-known meditation apps and brainwave gadgets), as well as a proven operating system that sets you up to compete in multi-unit mindfulness center franchising
  • Strong brand awareness of the nation’s leading mindfulness product
  • A peer network of cutting-edge franchisees, more than 35% of which have more than 6 months of experience

Training and Support

Mindfulness Bell® believes that quality training and support are the foundation to building your multi-unit MBSR franchise business. As you enter the Mindfulness Bell mindfulness franchise system, you will have four primary areas of emphasis:

  1. Establishing key contacts
  2. Building your center
  3. Building your team
  4. Setting up a strong start for the MBSR franchise

Mindfulness Bell provides training for franchisees and restaurant managers, including brand education as well as various levels of mindfulness training. Lasting  six to eight weeks and consisting of web-based, on-the-job and classroom training, the program is taught by a certified MBSR training instructor. This education should be completed at least six weeks prior to the planned opening of your Mindfulness Bell franchise.

Mindfulness Bell believes that ongoing support is also necessary for your mindfulness franchise, so we provide coaching, recognition and continuous backing for our franchisees. This team also coordinates product and procedure rollouts regularly during the course of the year. Mindfulness Bell Corporate support includes:

  • Recommendations on how to conduct a weekend retreat while being reimbursed up to $5,000 of documented expenses
  • An annual convention featuring a full-day of presentations from Mindfulness Bell Brand Leadership, Keynote Addresses, and many choices for continuing professional education opportunities for your Mindfulness franchise
  • Regional association membership – meetings focus more closely on topics such as operations and team training
  • Regular Town Hall Calls held by the Mindfulness Bell Leadership Team to keep Mindfulness Bell franchisees in the know with multi-unit Mindfulness franchise information while giving them the opportunity to ask questions on important front line issues
  • A wide range of optional continuing education courses through Center for Mindfulness.

Don’t hesitate. Become a Winner. Order a FREE information packet today.


1 thought on “Introducing Mindfulness Bell®

  1. At first, I thought this franchise was for me as I could get started on being a living God of the Bell Grande Path right away. But then, my boundless mind realized that I could immediately skip to Master’s Master by creating my own franchise, Mindfulness King ™. Thanks for the idea. A side benefit is that I will get to design the costumes myself and naturally, as Chief Mindfulness Overloard, Lord of the Regionals, I will be wearing the one with a cape.

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