Transintegral Mindfulness™ – Prepare to Integrate Mind and Market in a Radically New Way


In an upcoming series of interactive, personalized Web Intensives, best-selling author and award-winning spiritual teacher Tutte Wachtmeister explores and unpacks the ideas presented in his forthcoming book, Transintegral Mindfulness. This unique opportunity to deepen your practice and understanding of the Transintegral Vision™ will include:

  • Tutte’s introduction to the “Wake Up, Grow Up, and Become Successful” path to personal evolution and branding.
  • An in-depth exploration of how to become successful across the entire spectrum of multidimensional market shares with full and authentic presence in your life.
  • How mindfulness can help unearth and uproot your unconscious scripts of “loser’s mind” and replace them with happier and healthier perspectives, leading to more successful outcomes, or what we call “winner’s mind”.

Sign up today to ensure your spot at this seminal web intensive with the best-selling author and award-winning spiritual teacher known as “The thinking man’s Ken Wilber”, and learn the fundamentals of this radical new way to explore your greatest evolutionary potential.

Q: So what’s the big difference between Transintegral Mindfulness and regular mindfulness?

A: Transintegral Mindfulness uses standard mindfulness, but it combines that with many of the breakthrough insights of that leading-edge Theory of Everything model which is generally called Spiritual Liberalism, and it uses that framework to refine and focus, even further, the areas of your life to which you can apply mindfulness—hence, increasing the number of areas in which you can achieve flow states and prosperity.



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