It’s Your Choice: Be a Winner or a Loser – Episode 584


In this podcast from the popular “Winner’s Mind” series, Professor Wachtmeister reads and comments on an excerpt from The Mahahasyarnava Sutra, which describes a cosmos of markets enfolding markets, infinite world systems mutually enriching one another. Professor Wachtmeister teaches that this infinite cosmos is governed by a principle called “the emptiness [shunyata] of the primordial market.” When you realize this emptiness, then your life becomes your most profitable business and an endless source of joy: everything you say, all your innovations and investmens, the way you walk and your posture — everything is an art-form from within, manifesting as the sacred way of the entrepreneurial Bodhisattva. The cosmos and the individual experience of the world in which we live is empty of any absolute solidity and is relative, and therefore you can shape it, repackage it and sell it. It’s your choice: to be happy and successful, or a miserable loser.

Tutte Wachtmeister, recognized worldwide as a cutting-edge transintegral theorist as well as an innovative meditation teacher, is the Ayn Rand Professor of Entrepreneurial Bodhicitta Studies at Richard M Nixon University’s Business School. He is also the father of award-winning actresses Rikki Lust and Busty Haze.


This episode was recorded on December, 31 2015 at the “Mindful Lubricants Workshop” at Google Mountain Retreat, taught by Sal Berg, Tutte Wachtmeister, Ken Dillinger & Mark Knucklebone.


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