Tutte Wachtmeister, affectionately called “Tutteji” by his devotees, is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, cutting edge theorist, entrepreneur, cultural visionary, and founder of the Liberalism 3.0 think tank. Through his writing, teachings, and ongoing work with integrating spiritual values and market-oriented goal optimization, he has become known as one of the defining voices of a new, evolutionary and thoroughly integral step in transhuman evolution. In 2013, Wachtmeister was listed as #2 on Mind-Body-Spirit Magazine’s list of  “Top 100 Up and Coming Spiritual Teachers”.

A modern-day equivalent of the ancient sages of the East, Tutteji’s work is no footnote to tradition, but a distinct and innovative synthesis. He has brought the timeless depth of enlightened wisdom into the twenty-first century and significantly redirected its purpose and promise—calling not for transcendence of worldly attachment, or even for compassionate care and service, but for a deep and heroic responsibility for the evolution of the free market. In this, he finds more in common with the great evolutionary visionaries of the last century, such as Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher, than he does with the ancient Eastern enlightenment traditions of which he is a recognized and fully transmitted  Master. To both these streams of thought he adds a further element: a rich and nuanced understanding of the practical and theoretical static-dynamic trajectories of individual and cultural transformation at our particular, post-ideological moment in/beyond history.


Like Shakyamuni Buddha, Tutteji was born into the very highest nobility, the Wachtmeister family being one of the oldest families of the Swedish aristocracy.  At an early age, Tutte had a series of profound spiritual experiences. Returning home to the family mansion after his first day in school, he met an old man. The following day he met a group of shoppers, carrying their stuffed bags home after a day at the mall. Not having encountered old age or the boredom of being a low-level consumer, he was naturally deeply shocked. On the third day, however, Tutte came upon a possible way of finding a way of escaping what seemed an empty and meaningless existence. He met a successfull entrepreneur: one who had devoted his life to serving the Free Market. Enjoying all the pleasures of life, this man radiated a calmness and confidence that suggested to young Tutte that he had somehow come to terms with the unpleasant facts of modern life.

Already at the age of seven Tutte decided that he would one day follow the example of the entrepreneur.

When he was 16 yars old, Tutte had a second spiritual experience. He was sitting up late one night, reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, when suddenly the doors of perception were opened WIDE. In no time, he was swept up in an ocean of ecstacy that seemed infinte. Over the next several weeks, he experienced many insights that unfolded one after the other.

“It became apparent to me that all striving in the universe leads exactly to the same place: the perfectly free, blissful market. In other words: from the temporarily enlightened perspective I was experiencing, it became obvious that no matter where I went on earth or in the universe, at the deepest level, I would always be in the same place: The timeless, eternal, radiating, perfectly free Market.

At the time, intellectually, I had no idea what this meant. All I knew was that from this state of heightened awareness, what I was perceiving was absolutely true. Many years later, I came to understand what the universe was revealing to me that evening, through the words of Ayn Rand. Through her profound teachings, the direct experience of this depth dimension was the source of spiritual liberation.atlusshrugged

The world of manifestation, the evolving universe, is believed to have emerged from a primordial market economy, fourteen billion years ago. Through the experience of hard-working entrepreneurship, it’s actually possible to awaken to and touch directly upon that primordial market that is the foundation of all of reality. Modern masters call that depth dimension the “Ground of Being.” In that ground, there is neither time nor space. Because there’s no time or space, there is no history. Because there is no history, there is only freedom. There’s only freedom, because at that deepest level, the marketplace is perfectly free. Nothing has happened yet, and therefore nothing could be wrong.

One manifestation of this primordial depth dimension has become a common occurrence in my own life. I’m a spiritual teacher, and I spend a great deal of time travelling around the world. More and more, I have the mysterious sense of not going anywhere as I move from place to place, from country to country, and from continent to continent. It’s as if the First Class cabins, VIP lounges, limos, mansions, and hotels are all part of a passing show that’s happening “out there” somewhere. In here, in my subjective awareness, there’s a growing sense of non-movement.

When I used to travel from one continent to another, I would experience emotional responses to poverty and conflict in the less evolved pIaces I found myself in. Now when I travel from Marbella to Delhi, to Stockholm or from Amsterdam to LA, I experience very little or no emotional response, even in places that appear to be full of misery. There is only One market.”

A few years after this profoundly transformative experience, Tutte attended business school, and did internships at the most famous corporations in Europe and the United States, enduring unspeakable hardships at the hands of his mentors while learnig all they had to teach. But still he could not find an answer to his fundamental problem and he realized that if he kept on that way, he would probably die before earning his first million.

At the age of 23, Tutte dropped out of business and travelled to the East, where he studied with the very best Swamis, Gurus, Tulkus, Rinpoches, Senseis, Roshis, Ajaahns and independent Spiritual Masters available. In the Himalayas, land of the foremost sages, after several months of intensive spiritual pursuit, Tutte finally experienced a life-changing, Great Awakening, the story of which is told in the third volume of his Spiritual Autobiography (available fall 2013).

Having received full Spiritual Transmission in several Authentic and Sacred traditions, Tutte followed in the footsteps of the great Masters and settled in California. Having already established a successfull spiritual community in Santa Barbara, he soon decided to deepen his understanding of the spiritual market and studied for several years under many respected entrepreneurs. On his return to Europe, Tutteji, as he was now called, had received full or partial Dharma Transmission from the following corporations:

  • Los Angeles Zen Center
  • The Zen Center of San Francisco
  • The Clear Light Sangha
  • The Misty Moon Sangha
  • The Clear Moon Sangha
  • The Moon in Spring Sangha
  • The Autumn Moon Sangha
  • The Full Moon Sangha
  • The Mind in The Moon Sangha
  • The Integral Spirituality Institute™
  • The One Taste Foundation
  • The Naked Monk’s Hermitage Sangha
  • The Secular Buddhist Corporation



After his return to Europe, Tutte spent several years in seclusion, developing the comprehensive integration of Eastern and Western spiritualities which is the foundation of his uniquely effective teaching and practice.

This new philosophy has become known as Integral Liberalism™, and represents the cutting edge of evolutionary integral thinking. It is a unique synthesis of the best of pre-modern, modern, and postmodern reality approaches to Market, Body and Mind. This integral branch of contemporary liberalism has been described as a “theory of everything,” and offers an approach “to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.” It has been applied by politicians, scholars and entrepreneurs in many domains.

Integral Liberalism was originally conceived of as a theoretical approach to market dynamics that attempted to synthesize Western and non-Western understandings of consciousness and the innate wisdom of the body-mind with notions of the free market and classical “neo-liberalism”. Tutte has since distanced himself from neo-liberalism, and Integral Liberalism has turned into a rapidly expanding field of academic discourse and research focused on the complex interactions of ontology, epistemology, and methodology. While few would dispute its importance for spiritual practice, there is ongoing discussion surrounding its standing as a practical tool in contemporary politics.

Still, Integral Liberalism has been applied in a variety of different domains: theology, politics, the social sciences, practical management, medicine, psychology, psychoanalysis, Mindfulness, Secular Buddhism, and many others. Researchers have also developed applications in areas such as leadership, coaching, and organization development. The first interdisciplinary academic conference on Integral Liberalism took place in 2013, and The International Tutteji Foundation is about to launch a peer-reviewed Journal of Liberalism 3.0: Theory and Practice and will also publish several monographs on the work of Tutteji and his colleagues at the Integral Liberalism think tank and The International Tutteji Foundation.



The first practical application of Integral Liberalism was Tutte’s wildly popular courses in Mindful Management™, a powerful tool for optimizing happiness and productivity in the workplace. Over the past few years, thousands of satisfied customers have participated in these week-long  intensives, which have revitalized the stagnant market of Mindfulness with a touch of sensuality and adventure.



The Erotic Affirmation Project™ is an integrative approach to dealing with the male-female and manager-employee dualisms haunting vertical relationships in the contemporary workplace. Using a tantric toolbox, Erotic Affirmation™ is another powerful technique for integrating spiritual wisdom with the insights of modern management, with the purpose of restoring natural hierarchy as well as establishing a healthy, playful attitude to human sexuality in the corporate world as well as Academia.


Responding to the global financial crisis, and the spiritual cries of the world, Tutteji has recently created what he named the Big Bucks Process™. This, the latest installement in his Great Gift to Humanity, is nothing less than the absolute cutting-edge of Evolutionary Integral, market affirming spirituality.

The Big Bucks Process™ is revolutionizing not only timeless Eastern wisdom teachings, but also the way we approach real estate, financial investments, and business management. The Big Bucks Process™ also offers new, evolutionary perspectives on  psychotherapy, law, medicine, meditation, the arts, physical therapy, chaplaincy, yoga, business, athletics, social work, family therapy, primary through higher education and spiritual practices with prison inmates, hospital patients, and the dying.

The Big Bucks Process™ has now spread to every continent and will soon help many thousands of people from all walks of life have a genuine and potentially sustainable and evolutionary experience of The One Market, with little or no prior consciousness study or experience of the financial market, or business management. Tutteji continues to train people to bring this teaching out into the world even as he remains at the cutting edge of its evolution.

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