Becoming a Student

Those who wish to have a continuing relationship with Tutte Wachtmeister and to support him and his work may choose to be either a Student, Friend or Member. Your tax deductible donation will help sustain Tutteji’s efforts and enable the Big Bucks process™ and Abundantia, Inc. to make his teachings accessible through websites, DVDs and scholarships.

Disciple, Friend, or Family Member

Depending on your individual aspiration, level of commitment, and financial situation  you may choose to relate to Tutteji in the traditional manner as a Disciple or as a Friend. Both of these relationships entitle you to:

  • Guidance from Tutteji in creating your business plan
  • Email and phone contact with Tutteji
  • Free access to the Saturday Teleconferences
  • Participation in the Sunday Teleconferences
  • Invitation to banquets at TIF, Marbella, Spain
  • Invitation to informal cocktail parties at Tutteji’s home (Disciples only)
  • 50% or more off all events.

The suggested donation for Disciples is $500/month, and for Friends $200/month. An additional, tax deductible donation of no more than $1000 will entitle Disciples and Friends  a new, personalized name in Sanskrit or Chinese, as well as a signed and blessed image of Tutteji with a genuine lock of his hair attached.

For information about becoming a Disciple or Friend, please contact:


Membership in the Big Bucks Process™ Family is also available, and entitles you to:

  • Guidance from Tutteji in creating your business plan
  • Free access to Saturday Teleconferences
  • 10% discount on all events

The suggested donation for Members is $50/month. For information about becoming a Member, please contact:



Tutteji is available for 30 minute sessions (or longer) of personal work, in person, or by skype or phone, for a donation of $200 per 15 minutes. No donation requested for Students or Friends; 10% discount for Members. To schedule an appointment, contact: