Becoming a Teacher

Do you wake up in the morning without excitement and passion for what you do? Do you wonder why you don’t make more money, have more clients, have a satisfying sex life, or enjoy the confidence, respect, and authority that come from true spiritual mastery?

Do you have a deep sense of potential spirituality? Are you attracted to the cutting edge of integral entrepeneurship?

Are you ready to take the next step on your spiritual path?

If your answer to these questions is an unequivocal YES, you should probably consider our Spiritual Teacher Training Program.

International Tutteji Foundation offers a unique, comprehensive, and fully integral Spiritual Teacher Training Program for those Students and Friends  willing to make a wholehearted commitment to the challenging but highly profitable Path of the Spiritual Teacher.

All  teachers at our teaching seminars are highly skilled, senior Bodhisattva Masters with a background in NLP-coaching and Mentor Coaching™, and are certified in integral, heuristic, and fully non-intentional forms of learning.

Accomodating for individual differences in capabilities, life circumstances, and financial situaton, we offer two distinct tracks: Our popular weekend seminar leads to empowerment and certification as Senior Integral Bodhisattva Teacher™. The more comprehensive five week track leads to full ordination and empowerment as a Fully Transmitted Bodhisattva Master in the International Tutteji Foundation Order™.

Upon successfull completion of the program, new teachers will be presented with a Teacher’s silk robe, a set of traditionally consecrated beads, and a special Transmission document, printed on organic vellum, hand signed by Tutteji Wachtmeister, and impressed with his personal Dharma seal.aaa1

Could this be the once-in-a-countless-number-of-lifetimes opportunity you have been waiting for, perhaps unconsciously?


If so, please take a moment and consider which of the two options is best for suited for you:

If you sign up for the Senior Integral Bodhisattva Teacher™ program now, you get the introductory, boxed set of three DVDs FREE ($125 value).

(And the first FIVE to commit to the program will receive over $5.000 in extra bonuses, including a round trip to the International Tutteji Teaching Seminar in the Czech Republic.)

If you have a strong sense of your own innate spirituality, and feel ready for the challenge, don’t hesitate: Sign up today for the five week-track leading to full Ordination as a Fully Transmitted Bodhisattva Master in the International Tutteji Foundation Order™.

(And the first THREE to commit to this life-changing career choice will receive over $7.000 in extra bonuses, including two complete sets of gold brocade ordination robes, an elaborate ceremonial hat, and a genuine 5 ft Teacher’s staff.)aaa3

Being a fully certified teacher of the Way, you accept  responsibilty for the spiritual welfare of innumerable beings. As a Fully Transmitted and Ordained Bodhisattva Master™ in the International Tutteji Foundation, you will also join an unbroken Lineage of enlightened Masters, stretching back countless aeons. This is a serious commitment, not to be taken lightly, requiring both faith in the Way and loyalty to your own Master. It has been said that the Spiritual Teacher is giving up his very life for the benefit of others.

You will be richly awarded, however, by countless karmic blessings and benefits. These include (but  are not limited to), a generous amount  of sacred, fully tax-exempt, offerings from your students. 

(Properly understood, the receiving of such offerings is the Spiritual Teacher’s greatest gift to his students, as they are a powerful purifier of karmic obstructions. This sacred economy is also a beautiful expression of the miraculous unity of Spirit and Market, which is one of Tutteji’s most fundamental teachings.)

May All Beings Attain Spiritual and Material Prosperity! May the True Teachings Be Properly Transmitted!



7 thoughts on “Becoming a Teacher

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How could someone ever steal your robe and rakusu? How? HOW!
    And “spiritual teacher”….., this is all getting boring now.



  2. Master,
    I’ll swap you a gently worn pair of Yoga Trendz Gauze Harem Pants with button ankle cuffs and Drawstring/Elastic waistband for the Zen robe and rakusu.
    Give it some thought.
    with metta

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