Chant For Wall Street

chant-for-wall-streetChant for Wall Street™ is a spiritual movement initiated by Tutteji Wachtmeister that
began on May 10, 2013 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District. It has already spread to other cities across the United States, and dozens of new participants are joining the movement every day, creating a vast mahasangha of interconnected chanters.

The Chanting for Wall Street initiative is a response to the global financial crisis, and a way to use our spiritual power to protect major banks and multinational corporations against a threatening collapse. Participating in CWS is also a concrete way to express our devotion and gratitude to these great institutions.

tuttechantingIn a subtle but very direct way, the practice of of wholehearted chanting stimulates the market and opens blocked paths of financial flows. The powerful vibrations generated by our chants will surely liberate countless banks and corporations in all directions. This practice, when carried out sincerely, will also bring immeasurable karmic benefits to the chanters themselves. Those who participate in the Chant for Wall Street services will surely be rewarded, in this lifetime and the next.

                                             Tutteji Wachtmeister


As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of gratitude, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We chant so that all people who feel a sacred connection with the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires realization of the oneness of spirit and market; that our system must protect the free market, and upon corruption of that system (i.e. socialism), it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors.

We come togherher to chant at a time when venerable corporations are threatened from within and without. In a spirit of devotion and selfless service, we have assembled here, as is our right, to let our chanting heal the world and the free market.


5 thoughts on “Chant For Wall Street

  1. I hope this is going viral , world wide, your message through humor is the best antidote to the Tibetan Lama/ Hindustani Guru -Dalai Lama scam, as they proliferate their monasteries and yoga centers world wide, getting rich while ‘bilking’ us broke in the west.

  2. Thank you Tutteji, Of course the Tibetan Lamas/ those “Hindustani Priestly Brahmin Buddhists” are the source, and ” when Madame Blavatsky ‘channeled them” all the rest of the ‘spirituality hucksters’ were given a boost. . So the New Age upstarts get their inspiration from the root source.

    This is a chant that the Dalai Lama and all the Celebrity Tibetan Lamas I am sure do everyday before they begin their busy day, eating sushi, having western massages, being waited on ‘hand and foot’ by their cadre of western Tibetan slave devotees, who do open their discreet white ‘envelopes’ for them, full of cash “dana” before, during and after every retreat, in addition to the 400 to 800 dollars they charge for their ‘retreats’, meals and room not included.

    Of course if you are lucky and under 25, you can be a ” spiritual consort ” to these “enlightened ones: , and get a ‘get in free ticket’ , at least for a while. If you are very good, you can ‘write a book’ about being so lucky and ‘blessed.”

  3. Oh my Lorde. Tutteji really has wrapped the blindfold round your unenlightened eyes.
    His rugged, harrypotter/dracomalfoy-looks have completely hypnotised you beyond absurdity to the point where you can’t see the shaktipat for the magick powers.

    His whole point is that THE FREE MARKET has BUDDHA-NATURE.
    That is a statement of fact and not some hokey zen-101 question.
    This is not cynical satire, this is not a hostile commentary on buddhism, gurus, capitalism or anything like that.
    Do you really believe that a truly Enlightened Master like Tutteji would turn his nose at a Hennessey with the likes of 50-cent or Warren Buffett?
    Do you really think He would refuse a massage from Sogyal Rinpoche or Adi Da based on some lame philosophical ideal?
    Christ (pun intended)! Someone who Knows the True Nature of the Market, the Sacred Kundalini Symbolism interwoven in that all-hypnotic dollar sign ($), is FAR beyond such pathetic careers as satire and spook guruism. He Is The Real Deal.
    Think about it. Check out some of his books here on this site. I know whoever programmed the donate buttons needs a schooling but when you actually DO manage to make a donation, when you DO manage to get ONE TASTE of his Shaktipat – you might actually see beyond your pathetic anti-sex anti-money (the two main ingredients of SURVIVAL & therefore LIFE ESSENCE) prejudices and get a rough grip on his direct dharma.
    I see so much rumination, so much bumbling impotent spiritualists worrying that He is usurping them, when really he is ELEVATING them. He is teaching them with the pinpoint harshness that they Deeply Kneed, in order to take their traditio-modernico buddhismo to the next level.

    If anyone here sincerely doubts that Tutteji is a fake like he so poignently claims to be, if anyone here doubts that he has any less wisdom than the likes of Padmasambava, Alan Watts, Nagarjuna or even the infallible S.B. – then you NEED to STOP. Hold your filthy dogma for a second. Flick me an email. Reconsider sexmoneyspirituality.

    Evolution does not stop people. It does not end either. It is a whole new way forward, and you sleepy f***z must wake up and SEE (in the donjuan sense) what is Right in front of your Eyes.

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