Digitally Enhanced Contemplation™


Earlier this year, The Dharma Dorks Project was born out of a conversation between two friends and Big Bucks Process™ alumni, Dick Divine and Hillary Hilton, in a Boulder cocktail lounge. Seeing an opportunity to combine their geeky skills together with their passion for Buddhist practice and a shared knack for profitable business, the two fearless Dharma entrepeneurs decided to go ahead. 

As a branch of the International Tutteji Foundation, Dharma Dorks has already launched a highly successfull podcast service, providing the growing community of post-traditional practitioners of the Way with high-quality recordings of Dharma talks and teachings. 

As an attempt to take the project to another level, Dharma Dorks recently hired tech-savy spiritual entrepeneur Bob Horney as head of its Digital Contemplation division. Later this spring, The Team will release the Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™, allowing you to measure your contemplative progress with superior depth and accuracy.


The Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™ was specifically designed for the advanced meditator. Where all similar equipment on the market have a highest setting of delta brainwaves, The Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™ goes all the way to epsilon. The very subtle activity of epsilon brainwaves is a sure indication of quantum leaps on the sub-neural level taking place at the very deepest levels of absorption. Regularly tuning in to such brainwaves will allow you to realize the mindstate of a Zen master in a matter of weeks. 

But The Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™ is not only the best available tool on the market for meassuring the depth of your samadhi. It is a highly pro-active tool that will gently coach you into ever deepening states and stages of spirituality and enlightenment.


* * *

Let’s get serious here for a moment. Isn’t it time for you to wake up from the dreams offered by pre-modern and modern spirituality? How long have you been lost in dreams of exerting your own, limited effort to reach the supreme goal of Enlightenment?

Isn’t it time for you to realize that Electronically Enhanced Contemplation™ is the next step in human evolution? So take a breath, read more about the The Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™ and the go ahead and place your order.

We can almost guarantee you will never be able to look back. And then, when we meet on Facebook or Twitter, we will know each other, won’t we? With a twinkle in your eye, a slight smile on your face, a radiance in your heart, we will look into the eyes of each other and see the one and only Self, the one and only, fully integral Market.

Ken Dillinger

* * *

Some of the innovative features of the 1.5 version of The Samadhi Ambience 4D Advanced Brainwave Measuring app™, to be available through the Mac App Store in late May:

  • Interfaces for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPhone 5 so you get it on all your devices.
  • Wireless connection to your nervous system
  • Hundreds of guided meditations (including metta and full body scanning)
  • Three months FREE subscription to new guided meditations from the Dharma Dorks Comnmunication website
  • Ambient noise effects, including bells and clappers, as well as soothing natural sounds, or the familiar hum from a TV-set.
  • Full chanting services from all major Buddhist denominations
  • The unique Interactive Samadhi™ function, allowing you to display and share your results with others on multiple platforms (including Facebook and Twitter) in real-time

All this and more for only $19.95 Can you believe that?


4 thoughts on “Digitally Enhanced Contemplation™

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  2. This sounds fucking awesome, especially the wireless connection to the nervous system.
    Way way better than the banal looking apps suggested by hridayartha, although rewire might be fun.
    Hard to believe this only 19.95! Shame I can’t afford an iphone……….
    Do you plan on releasing for pc – windows or linux versions? I would totally pay at least 39.95 for something like that.

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