Erotic Affirmation™

Sexual harassment
The Erotic Affirmation Project™ is a fully integral approach to dealing with the male-female and manager-employee dualisms haunting vertical relationships in the contemporary workplace. Using a tantric toolbox, Erotic Affirmation™ is a powerful technique for integrating spiritual wisdom with the insights of modern management, with the purpose of restoring natural hierarchy as well as establishing a healthy, playful attitude to human sexuality in the corporate world as well as Academia.

Erotic Affirmation™ is an attitude; an intention for your business. It is not simply a practice or set of techniques. It includes all of living and working as well as all of you in its embrace. It is both ancient, and modern. It has always existed, and is made fresh now, in your awareness, as you learn to love, work and live with open senses again.

Our Erotic Affirmation™ team offers the following services:

Consultation Sessions
Answering your questions and questioning your answers about work and sexual concerns from an integral tantric perspective. The intent is to bring truth and clarity to things, not an adjustment to comfort or the demands of political correctness. Our trained instructors  help staff and managers to reframe issues of “sexual harassment”, opening up erotically charged situations to a vast arena of potential growth.

Touch work
Helping staff and managers to feel sensation directly and honestly, just as it is. The techniques used are intimate, sensual and usually involve nudity. Touch work evokes the associations of the subconscious mind and confronts them with the truth of the body, bringing them to awareness and aligning them with the specific context of the workplace.

Erotic work
Plato said: Eros leads us to Gnosis. Tutteji said: Gnosis is the engine of success. Following the thread of eroticism through gnosis to the world of business, we engage your erotic impulse as a guide, exploring this territory with sensitivity and intelligence.
This erotic work for women is very personal, and involves whatever the eroticism indicates. Sessions may include nudity, touch and strong sensations.

Richard Ganjaji Ohlzon

dickyogiDick is a senior Erotic Affirmation coach. He started tantric work in the early 1970s, but without the guidance of a good teacher, he was confused and discouraged by the teachings, and devoted all his energy to a lucrative business instead. It wasn’t until he met Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho that the disciplined practice and eloquent simplicity of integral Body-Mind-Market practice suddenly took root and began to penetrate the dense clouds of his conditioned mind, revealing the radical identity of spirit and market. Dick was recognized as a fully licensed Erotic Affirmation™ coach by Tutteji in 2013.

His passion in life  is to guide exceptional women to professional and sensual excellence through the experience of deep erotic affirmation. Dick is available for individual and group sessions throughout Europe.

Lexi Abhati Skydancer

lexiLexi  was one of Tutteji’s first students and was initiated by him into an ancient lineage of tantric experts. Through her background as an entrepeneur in the software business, she is uniquely qualified to adapt these teachings to 21st century business culture. Lexi was also responsible for establishing the Tutteji Charity Trust as a 501(c)3  public supported charitable organization, and has a passion for fundraising activities. She is a fully licensed Erotic Affirmation™ coach and is currently supervising coaches in training.

Lexi is available for work with individuals, couples, and groups throughout USA.


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  2. I purchased the Erotic Manipulator Political Keys and wish to return them, as they worked fine (the gummint is closed, so I no longer need either of the EMPK tin cans.) Kindly advise of the address to send them too, as you seem to have moved recently.

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