Global Transintegral Coaching™

coachtrainingGlobal Transintegral Coaching™ offers a coaching training program that delivers on the long held promise of the coaching field: to enable a long and prosperous career for its graduates.

Imagine a coaching training program that combines the world’s most comprehensive map of human development, the structure and discipline of a martial arts practice, the transcendent wisdom of an authentic Zen lineage, with the promise of a successful career.


Measurable Success
Some coaching schools say, ”We’re just like GTC,” but they’re not. Some have tried to mimic our Transintegral™ approach to professional succcess, but they’re not rooted in an embodied understanding of the complex market dynamics of the competitive field of spiritual coaching. We’re experts in Embodied Success. Don’t settle for less!

PhD Program
We’re the only coaching training institution offering an online, fully interactive PhD track, including regular contact with a virtual supervisor. Don’t underestimate the importance of an impressive degree!

More Training Hours
You receive 202 training hours to meet ICF’s Masters Level Training Requrements, plus an additional 45 hours intensive training in Zen attitudes and 10 hours of basic instruction in Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™ as taught by Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho. Our program is competitvely priced per training hour and your certification (printed on high-quality vellum) comes with an impressive number of hours under your belt. Don’t underestimate the importance of practical experience!

The Transintegral Zen Coaching™  method, in combination with the power of our unique theoretical framework, gives you both necessary tools to master thecomplex interpersonal dynamics between coach and client, and the  chutzpah needed make the most of them.

Using a comprehensive set of psychodynamic models, you will obtain a thorough understanding of transference and countertransference dynamics, enabling you to create strong and lasting bonds with your clients. Our curriculum also includes training in powerful neurolinguistic coercion and seduction techniques, thus guaranteeing you the skills necessary to keep individual clients for as long as desired. 

DozuOberDazein Obermeier, founder of Global Transintegral Coaching™. is a poet, philosopher, troublemaker and teacher – a  True Zen Master of no rank.

Dazein is a certified Zen Roshi and the 84th Patriarch in the Rinzai tradition and has a BA in creative counseling from Richard M Nixon University. Prior to becoming a disciple of Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, he spent several years in a Zen monastery in Upstate New York, practicing and teaching zazen and koan study. He has been fully trained and is adequately skilled in several incredibly transformative forms of coacing.Daizen is a contributing editor at Sumeru Sun Magazine and enjoys Argentinian tango, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. Insight, compassion, and fierce loyalty are the foundational elements of Daizen’s transintegral Path, qualities that inform his teaching of Transintegral Zen Coaching™.

by Daizen Obermaier Roshi

Transintegral Zen Coaching™ takes a radical, dialogical and muti-ontological approach to growth, transformation, and change built on the philosophical foundation of Ken Dillinger and Tutte Wachtmeister’s pentalectical theory of communication.

Transintegral Zen Coaching™ focuses on the ALETHE Model of Transintegral therory, allowing for a direct realization of ultimate truth able to hold multiple perspectives. A pentalectic approach to communication is emphasized with the aim of helping the clients bring more freedom into their lives, through an intuitive, trans-cognitive realization of multiple capacities for freedom normally unavailable to the thinking mind. This leads to clients letting go of everything holding them back from creating greater possibilities for living.

Transintegral Zen Coachingrecognises and supports, as the client journeys towards deeper self-understanding, the growth of the core-self elements of compassion and love as the foundation for the empowering of an integrated self which is able to act with more freedom, creativity, courage, passion, integrity, and awareness.

Through Transintegral Zen Coaching, the client develops the reflective, intuitive perception that equips him or her in  maintaining a unique own pulse of freedom while popping into uncharted terrirories of trans-cognitive awareness.

Transintegral Zen Coachingworks by exploring multiple layers of  universals as well as particulars, unique to the client:

The intra-subjective interiors of the embodied personality is explored in a process allowing for a radical transformation of the way the client creates emotional and cognitive realities, enabling a deconstructive reconstitution of lived experience.

The embodied core self is then worked on in order to free the physical organism and allow it to realize its natural states of physical and energetic potentiality, exploring how one can hold a greater degree of self awareness through a deeper connection to body/mind states or energies.

The inter-subjectivity of shared meaning is used to explore personal and social interaction against a mutually embodied event horization manifesting as pure Experience. This allows for an explorative voyage into emergent emotions and personal narrative. This is also the layer where coach and client engage in intensive, long-time work on shadow issues.

Through bodily enactment the inter-objectives of action are used to explore both social and personal praxis – the multiple ways in which the shared we-space manifests as indivual agency-in-the-world, allowing for the creation of supportive spheres of multi-dimensional engagements with the world.


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