Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™

visionWe’re living in a momentous time, when many people are asking profoundly important questions. Our lives are hectic and full, yet we can’t shake this drive for something more. We want to live our lives to the fullest, and reap the rich harvests of an increasingly dynamic, global market.

With an overwhelming abundance of options for living fully, it’s nearly impossible to make sense of all of them without leaving something out and becoming completely overwhelmed. As an increasing number of individuals on the cutting edge of human development have found, our Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ provides the most comprehensive approach for gaining more perspective and control of your life and your finances.

World-famous, award-winning spiritual teacher Tutteji Wachtmeister has created the revolutionary Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ kit that you can order NOW and immeditaley start using to transform your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life, as well as your financial situation.

Based on a deep understanding of human consciousness, contemplative technologies, and post-Fordist market dynamics, this approach to full integration of body, mind, and market is, simply put, the most direct path to growth and prosperity available.

In short, the Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ training program is the simplest, most direct, and comprehensive way to approach the Tutteji Vision™ of  full strength integration of Body, Mind, and Market.

The IBMMP training program™ is a proven way to give you more clarity, energy, and availability so you can bring the fullest you to your world, and the best of the world to yourself. The Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ is …

  • Working synegetically on Body, Mind, and Market
  • Modular, allowing you to mix and match practices 
  • Scalable, adjusting to however much – or little – devotion, time, and financial assets you want to invest
  • Customizable, to your individual life-style. It doesn’t matter if you’re a saffron robed ascetic or a white shark on Wall Street. 
  • Distilled, This program consists of the very best, most efficient spiritual and financial practices

As the  name implies, the Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ is an eminently  practical tool kit that turns contemplative practices and the habits associated with material success into accessible, applied practices that you can do every day. Some of the modules are just one minute long, and customization options let you tailor your own Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice practice plan.

Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ Classic
When you purchase the Classic IBMM Starter Kit, you’ll get:

  • Three downloadable pdf handbooks that give you the full context of the IBMM framework
  • Fully downloadable video series for each of the core modules.
  • Two Audio downloads, One for getting started in less than 20 minutes, and one full of guided meditations, offered by leading spiritual teachers
  • The most powerful growth practices from the East and West to help you simplify your life today

The IBMMP™ App
Always on the cutting edge of integrating spiritual and digital technologies, we are now introducing the IBMMP™ kit available as a user-friendly app, so that you can enjoy the content wherever you go. The IBMMP™ Interfaces for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPhone 5, allowing you to carry out your spiritual practice on all your devices.

Here’s our special, time-linited offer for you:
The original Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ Classic kit was $999.00  This fully digitized App version we’re offering here today will be yours for only only $499.00

Can you believe that?


2 thoughts on “Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™

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  2. “Here’s our special, time-linited offer for you:
    The original Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™ Classic kit was $999.00 This fully digitized App version we’re offering here today will be yours for only only $499.00

    Can you believe that?”

    Compassion! Thats what it is!

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