The Lounge Series

tutteloungeAs disciples of Tutteji Wachtmeister, generally acknowledged as the leading spiritual entrepeneur of our time, we are excited to announce that The Lounge Series has launched and is now available for download or shipment. Created by Tutteji Wachtmeister and his closest disciples and courtesans, The Lounge Series will indulge your mind with cutting-edge teachings on how to bring forth the Transintegral Vision of Body-Mind-Market unity in the world. Listening to these teachings will guide to a level of understanding that’s taken earlier generations of mystics, visionaries, and entrepeneurs years to attain on their own.

More Than Just Theory
The Lounge Series is not just about complex theory. Rather, it grounds your search for knowledge, wisdom and prosperity in the philosophical roots of the Transintegral movement, while at the same time allowing you to use Transintegral Theory to actively make positive changes in your life, effortlessly reaching the highest levels of happiness and success available to humankind.

Transintegral Life Member Save $199
Order The Lounge Series as a download or a physical set of CDs plus download and we’ll extend all Transintegral Life Members a $199 discount. That’s $299 for the download version which is available immediately, or $399 for the physical plus download version, which ships within five business days. And, if you’d like to check out the content first, download 10 minutes for only $75.


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