Mindful Management™

What do the US Marine, cutting edge Buddhist teachers, and top corporations have in common?

Answer: The unique, integral practice of Mindful Management™ as taught by Tutteji Wachtmeister.

Increasingly, spiritual teachers, high-ranking officers, and top businessmen are embracing this practice with Eastern roots, providing courses and opportunities for spiritual seekers, enlisted men, and employees to find their center.geek

Tutteji Wachtmeister recently introduced the practice of Mindful Management™ to an audience consisting of young, cutting edge Buddhist teachers at the Buddhist Geeks Conference. “Absolutely awesome”, was the comment of Bob Horney, well-known charismatic spiritual entrepreneur. “I’m currently developing a Tutteji app, that will make this practice available 24/7 for anyone. This is the spirituality of the 21st century. Pure hard core geekiness.”

“It’s about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and to feel connected,” says cutting edge interrogation officer Mark Knucklebone, responsible for introducing the practice in the US armed forces.

And Swampland Corporation, a highly successfull private military enterprise, recently introduced a mandatory Mindful Management™ course called “Search Inside Yourself and Find the Enemy Outside”. It has already been taken by more than 300 employees at the company, Mindfulness Quarterly recently reported. The creator of the course, Ted Bush, told the magazine that while some people aren’t convinced about the effects of Mindful Management™, it has been shown in research to decrease stress levels and enhance efficiency in close combat.

In other words, Mindful Management™ is a must if you want to stay at the cutting edge of spiritual, corporate, and military evolution.


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